Kundali Bhagya June 3, 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi vows to take revenge on the Luthras

Kundali Bhagya June 3, 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi vows to take revenge on the Luthras

Kundali Bhagya June 3, 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi vows to take revenge on the Luthras

Kundali Bhagya June 3, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Prithvi is checking files in the office, Karan suddenly opens the door and asks what is he doing here, Karan tries to catch him when Prithvi requests him to listen, Karan questions if he has come to steal then starts pushing Prithvi out of the house, he threatens Karan not to leave him when Karan replies that he is the one who is going to ruin her, Prithvi mentions that he did not leave her. What his family has done to him, he is going to make sure that they suffer when Karan orders the guards to take him out. office held.
Rishabh replies that he also wants to join the office but for that he needs some time as he has just returned, Dadi mentions that there is still something to be worried about so Mahesh tells that he is not well and It doesn’t even know what’s going on with him so that he doesn’t understand anything.

Rishabh assures that he is going to handle everything as before, so there is nothing to worry, Kareena explains that Prithvi got the power of attorney first, which caused a lot of confusion, so now she has to take back the power of attorney. should be done quickly. When Preeta also starts walking down the stairs, Mahesh Papa is overjoyed to see her, so Rishabh ji stands to welcome her, she tells that everything changed after she came back and she was asked by Kareena. Not even everyone needs to be invited to the lunch table. Happy as she will not have to come on time, Rishabh questions why she is talking like this as she has come to know that Preeta ji behaved in that way so now everything is getting better, Preeta tells her. Tries to explain that he never felt bad about what Kareena bua said, Rishabh replies that it is because of his nature, but he should get a standing ovation for what he did. Having managed to bring the entire family together there and also brought them back from Dubai, Preeta replies that she did it for her own happiness and that of the family. Preeta mentions that she is going to bring something to eat when Natasha tells her not to worry as she has already brought lunch, Preeta questions where is Ganesha so Natasha tells her that she Sent to bring sweets as it is indeed an auspicious occasion that Rishabh ji came back. The whole family goes to the table, Preeta decides to help Natasha.

Prithvi enters his house where he is shocked to see Sherlyn sitting, Prithvi questions what is she doing here, she replies that she will always be with him. He then questions how he entered so he replies that he keeps the keys in the same place, Prithvi is surprised to see the suitcase while pouring the water, Sherlyn is disappointed as to whether she really thinks they are her. Will stay at the Luthra House. Finding out the truth about their affair, Prithvi stands up to yell at her, saying she can’t blame him, when Sherlyn calms her down by telling her that they have each other. Shouldn’t blame because they are a team and they should accept that they lost as the best. Preeta, Prithvi throws the glass and warns her not to take Preeta’s name as her blood pressure starts rising as soon as she hears her name and she learns about the consequences, Sherlyn tells that he is going to thank her after sometime , that he let it happen. Gets angry on taking Preeta’s name but why doesn’t she get angry when Karan kicks her out of office but did she think that she will not know anything, she is not like him so ask her not to blame each other Requests R and says who is better, she leaves with suitcase while Prithvi vows to ruin those who have harmed her and if she didn’t do something like that then her name is Prithvi Malhotra. Will not done.

Natasha is walking into the hall when she gets a call from Roxy, she replies that he can’t blackmail her like this when he answers that she is glad he answered her call otherwise she goes straight to the Luthra mansion Comes, Natasha replies that she can’t come right when everyone is having lunch together, he threatens to come to the Luthra mansion and ends the call, Preeta runs away wondering who this Roxy is. Preeta sits at the table and says that she is going to serve lunch herself, Natasha comes mentioning that she has to go and meet her friend who has come to meet her, Preeta also stands by saying turns out she is coming back, Dadi asks where is she going, she tells that she is just going to say hi to her friend, Preeta runs to her.

While walking in the streets, Natasha thinks that she is always worried that someone is following her but she has no other option as this is the only way to her house, Preeta seeing that she has stopped hiding and Natasha gets scared but she thinks it might just be her imagination so don’t worry, Natasha enters the house calling Roxy and asks how can he do this to her, she questions When he asks why she is acting like this, she replies that she is about to get married. Roxy tells that he has to thank her for whatever she did as she is named in the kidnapping case because of her behavior and he is the one who asked her to do this so that Karan protects her, she didn’t say That he would be dragged into the police station when Natasha mentioned that she never said it couldn’t happen, but it was because she needed to be protective of herself and tell everyone that she would marry him. When Natasha says she is going to marry him this Monday, Roxy says that it didn’t happen. When Natasha says that she is going to marry him this Monday, he questions how is it possible when she told that she had told all the press. in which she told that she is worried about her life and safety so if Karan doesn’t marry her she might commit suicide, he asks if she is really going to do this when she answers She tells that she will ruin everything if she is not able to marry with Karan, they should not know that she is her husband. When she hits a rod, they both are shocked to see Preeta and just as she is about to leave the house, the friends enter once again when Roxy hits them. tells him to hold her, they manage to control Preeta who tries to call Natasha but she thinks that she has to teach him a lesson otherwise Preeta can become a big problem for him, she takes something from Roxy. Whispers which then locks her up in the kitchen.
Karan sitting in office talking on phone that he was not just concentrating on business but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to do it Rishabh enters office which Karan is happy to see , they both hug each other when Rishab questions Karan what is he doing, he explains that they are about to sign the deal, Rishabh starts pulling out the papers so Karan asks what are they, he tells Says they have power of attorney as he is handling the business, and needs Karan’s signature which says he is going to think about it, Rishabh asks what to think when Karan replies. How much tension should they give to Rishabh.

Preeta is locked in the kitchen, she thinks whose phone is on the floor and hence tries to call Karan but he doesn’t answer after which he tries Rishabh ji, he doesn’t answer at first but then Preeta Ji is shocked to hear that, he asks what has happened when she reveals that he has sent her to a place where he should come to save her, Rishabh questions what has happened, she replies that he Wants her to come as soon as possible, Roxy’s friend hears her so goes to inform her, they all go inside the kitchen and question if she called the police, but she replies that she has heard that he has told Rishabh. Called someone by name, they plan to tie him up, so break the wine bottles before placing him against a metal fence so he doesn’t escape.

Roxy sits and thanks her friends for helping her, they hear the sound of police sirens, then wonder if they have come for any of their friends who stole money from the wedding, Rishabh gets out of his car. and reaches the place.

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