Kundali Bhagya Jun 23, 2022 Written Episode Update: Karan returns to Luthra Mansion

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Karan mentions that her name is Anjali Ahuja and the person he was on the phone with is Nidhi Ahuja. Karan exclaims that he is going to his house but Anjali explains that he cannot go to his house like this but the doctor stops him from mentioning that he is still his patient and in a patient’s clothes, so that he is allowed to leave if he allows, he asks Anjali to find out details about the hospital, she gives him his check book to write it on, explaining that this is a blank check and he can ask the owner to write any one he likes to fill as much as he desires. He takes a doctor’s lab coat and explains that now that he’s wearing a doctor’s clothes, nobody can stop him.
Karan leaves the hospital where he asks Anjali to give him her mobile phone as he has to call the doctor, she herself directs the driver to bring the car in front of the city hospital, the doctor explains that he has to stay under surveillance, otherwise could he not ok as he is not stable, arjun asks where the driver is to whom she informs that he couldn’t find parking so would have gone elsewhere, he turns to what the doctor wants now, anjali assured that they can leave if he wants, but what if he stays here a little longer then they would keep him under observation, he is tense about the past, the doctor explains he can forget the past. Karan informs the doctor that his past should always be remembered as it is the most important thing, Anjali asks if he is ok with staying in the hospital, he warns the doctor of serious consequences if something happens to his memory, Arjun goes back to the hospital so Anjali starts calling her cell phone.

In the morning, Preeta suddenly wakes up thinking about how Karan would tease her when she got married, claiming it was his pillow. Preeta realizes after a while that it was just a dream, she walks to the windows when Rishab asks if she saw his mobile charger, Rishab remarks that she’s still tense so she stands next to her and shouts, that Weather be fine she exclaims said Rakhi maa Whatever the pundit jee says is always true she remembers him saying that karan is still alive and he saw karan with her when rishab exclaims karan is still alive she is shocked but he reveals that karan even lives in her hearts and dreams in conversation as he would always stay alive with them in her mind and thoughts he even talks to her.

Kavya sits on the bed and says she doesn’t want to go to her school, Rishab asks why so she reveals she has a stomach ache, Preeta mentions that they need to call the doctor and he will give her an injection. Kavya immediately explains that she hears well, which both start laughing. Rishab forces her to wear the school dress, but Preeta informs her that she would not wear it over her causal attire, so she goes to put them on.
Mayank enters the room with a bouquet of flowers, Arjun comes out of the washroom and asks what he’s been doing here since he got fired, Anjali comes in thinking she’s the one who called him for help, she thinks she’s him called last night and advised him that he needs to bring some files that would keep Arjun busy with his work as then he wouldn’t think to remember his past as it hurt him a lot, explains Anjali that she is the one who called Mayank and he helped her a lot last night informs Arjun that he will not give him the same designation, Mayank would have to earn it and until that point he would remain on probation. Mayank is about to give him the file which Anjali stops him from but then Arjun exclaims he would do as he pleases, he keeps the file thinking that Anjali thought of burying him in the shop so he could not remembered about his past. However, he thinks he would do whatever he pleases, Arjun sees the photos of Rishab and Preeta from the folder, he mentions that he had that file although he didn’t remember his past but now knows they both his enemies are.

Karan stands in front of the Luthra mansion, he exclaims that he has returned and is really frustrated, he walks away and sees the guards.

Anjali entering the room is shocked to not find Arjun there. Not knowing where he might have gone, she calls Nidhi who is in the business meeting. Frustrated with the team asking if they think this is the business model they should be working with, she scolds them all and says it would have been better if she had hired a team from Canada rather than all, she has her fault agreed, nidhi takes the call from anjali and says she will call her back but sends everyone out of the conference room, nidhi informs anjali how she sent her to india so she can control arjun and convince him to come back for their marriage, but if she is unable to do so, she is a failure herself. Nidhi warns her not to call her again as she needs to learn to deal with her own problems like she does in Canada.
Karan goes to the Luthra mansion, he is stunned to see his own house as it was five years ago, he hears the voice of a girl calling her father, so he immediately hides, Kavya says that her mother couldn’t catch her, preeta calls rishab jee for help and he catches kavya, they are both very happy with kavya, he tells the driver not to drive fast as if there is a single complaint against him then he would be fired. Rishab leaves and mentions that he is going to the office while Kavya has to go to her school, Preeta wishes him before she leaves with Kavya, Karan stands behind the pillar and is really tense.

Rakhi in her room is very tired, she thinks she can’t share her sorrow with anyone since Mahesh jee is not here and Rishab is always busy with business and doesn’t have time for her, she thinks now nobody comes after her , When she used to get angry, her younger son would come to calm her down, she recalls when she was frustrated with Rishab for planning such a big business trip, so Karan came to her when he managed to get her to calm down she would always forget her anger to see him but that never meant she forgave rishab, rakhi cries when karina calls her but rakhi returns and takes the name karan, she exclaims he is straight Been here a moment ago when Karina informs that Karan has left them all, Rakhi gets tense.

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