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Kundali Bhagya 7th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Sameer warns Arjun after he argues with Rishab

Kundali Bhagya Oct 7, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Prithvi walks slowly thinking that when Arjun kicks him out of his office and threatens to stay in jail after a while, Preeta’s life will be rejected, Prithvi sees Sherlyn coming who immediately hugs him, he asks her what happened when Sherlyn replies that she always . he goes to Luthra and attacked him she always advises him to be careful but today she is not going to say anything because she will surely win, Prithvi taking her hand mentions that she will surely win and this is her confidence and she has shown her confidence for the first time, she assures today that Arjun will lose with him and now nobody can beat him, he wishes him good luck when they both hug.

Sherlyn overhears Anjali talking to Arjun, she tells him that she sent him the video that will play on the projector. Sherlyn goes to listen to them when she hears how Arjun says that Rishabh is thinking that he has come here to do a collaboration but he doesn’t know that today will be his last day of happiness, Anjali also says that when Arjun mentions that they will ruin Rishabh everything will surely be it will ruin for him, Anjali asks Arjun if they can stop taking action as the entire Luthra family will be affected by their decision, Arjun questions. they have thought about everything they are going to do, she tells him to calm down and he leaves, Sherlyn thinks that he should do it. Earth needs to be informed.

Prithvi is drinking in the kitchen, when Sherlyn arrives explaining that she has heard and discovers that Arjun is not, she is going to play a video that will ruin Rishabh’s image. Prithvi replies that she wonders why Arjun doesn’t associate with them while he is also Luthra’s enemy, Sherlyn replies that she doesn’t know anything about it but she’s going to play some videos, Prithvi desperately replies that he wants to take down that pen. drive under any circumstances.

Rishabh hurts her hand while talking on the phone which causes her a lot of pain, Arjun can’t stand it and mentions that her hand hurts so she’s a little girl and why does she always act like Preeta does, Rishabh clarifies that she doesn’t he did on purpose when Arjun replies that he saw Rishab hit him he replies that Karan will. Arjun questions him when Rishabh mentions to Karan that Karan would hit the wall when he was angry but he didn’t know that he would hurt so much, Arjun asks if he didn’t want to know that Karan would hit the wall. to kill, Arjun mentions that Rishabh shouldn’t think he doesn’t feel pain because actually the pain in his heart is more than any physical injury, Rishabh asks how Arjun knows Karan so well when he was his brother, Arjun replies because he is Karan. Rishabh is shocked and asks what he means so he clarifies that he is like Karan, Arjun asks what kind of brother Rishabh was that he didn’t realize Karan was going through pain, Rishabh angrily asks if Arjun was there to notice of what was going on. happening, he explains that Karan was like his son. Arjun then asks why he changed so much, why he stopped loving his brother. He says why he couldn’t recognize his brother, Rishabh stops the media person from taking the photo. Rishabh replies that he doesn’t know why Arjun is asking such questions and although he is at the center of his business and his family, that doesn’t mean they will forgive him for everything, Rishabh explains that. He forgives Arjun while making him miss his brother and it will be good if Arjun never speaks like that again, Rishabh leaves while Sameer sees Arjun walking so he follows him.

Preeta asks Rakhi’s mother what happened, she replies that she has understood since she first met Preeta and is sure Preeta won’t do anything wrong, but she can’t understand why she hates him so much. She knows that Preeta will have a reason and discovers that she considers Arjun as her son. He is really a good person, so he doesn’t know why Preeta hates him when Preeta replies that she can understand his feelings, but Rakhi mentions that there is no need to think about that because if she thinks he is, she will only feel bad. Rakhi says that she has a lot of experience in life and knows that she is not wrong about Arjun, so Preeta must forget everything that she thinks about Arjun. Preeta says that Rakhi has a big heart but is actually very simple. Arjun arrives and asks what happened but Rakhi refuses to tell him, he says there is no need to lie as he can read her face, Preeta replies that she didn’t say anything when Arjun asked her, she said she won’t like it when Preeta says something in against him, he mentions that his relationship with Preeta is something like that, so he asks her to come and tell him straight to his face. Preeta mentions that she shouldn’t take the stress of her family since she will definitely stay with them, Arjun leaves.

Sherlyn calls Prithvi into the room and explains that this will be the pen drive they were talking about, Prithvi and Sherlyn immediately hide when Srishti arrives, but they drop the pen drive instead, Prithvi tells Sherlyn to try and take it, but Srishti leaves. Sherlyn tries to put it back but Prithvi asks her to come as they will see him somewhere else, she replies that Rishabh will have a laptop to study on. Srishti pulls out the flash drive he kept as a backup.

Sameer asks Arjun why he is behaving like this, he warns Sameer not to touch him again when Sameer asks what happened to him as Rishabh is very tense and wants to take care of his family. He loves his brother very much, so he can’t see. him in such a situation. Arjun replies in despair that he was not with Karan when he needed her most. Otherwise, he would have saved Karan, but while he was partying, Sameer sits down crying, which breaks Arjun’s questions. That’s what happened, Sameer reveals that he really loved. Karan. She had a brother but Arjuna is right that if she had been with him they might have saved his life, Arjuna hugged Sameer.

Rishabh welcomes Sahil, before escorting him to the bar where he says he will serve himself. Sahil explains that he had to come and tell her about the rumors in the market about the collaboration. Assured by Rishabh that there is no need to believe anything in the market, Sahil tries to warn Rishabh that Arjun is his enemy, but Rishabh replies in business that everything is done with the mind. Rishabh explains that the world has not seen Arjuna, so how is everyone making such theories about him? Sahil mentions that he can only say what people think but cannot change their minds, Rishabh advises him to rest as there is no need to change his mind. He turns to see Preeta standing, she also thinks that she does not have good feelings towards Arjun but she does not know why Rishab ji trusts her so much, she is upset.

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