Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Prithvi gets exposed and their plan fails.

Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Prithvi gets exposed and their plan fails.

Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Prithvi gets exposed and their plan fails.

Kundali Bhagya Feb 4, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Prithvi orders Kritika to kneel at gunpoint. Prithvi takes the microphone and orders everyone to gather in the corridor in 5 seconds, otherwise he will shoot Kritika. Everyone freaks out and runs into the hallway. Everyone cares about Kritika. Prithvi tells everyone that he knew, they will all come to save Kritika, and if they don’t obey his orders, he will kill Kritika. Arjun tells Prithvi, everyone obeyed him and gathered here, now leave Kritika. Prithvi asks him to stay still if he doesn’t want Kritika to come to harm. Prithvi orders his men to loot everyone’s jewelry. Rishabh asks them to stop and tells Prithvi that if he leaves now, he will give him everything and money as well. Prithvi points a gun at Rishabh. Shamu says that he will order everyone now. Dadi asks Shamu and his men to leave. Shamu orders his men to take everyone’s jewelry. One of Shamu’s men accidentally drops his gun and his phone, Shamu starts yelling at him. Shrishti secretly pushes the gun towards him with her foot. Shamu’s men start looting threatening everyone by showing knives. Preeta deliberately drops one of his bracelets and secretly takes the phone. Shamu’s men continue to rob everyone. Shrishti tells Sameer that there is a gun near his feet and asks him to take it. Arjun listens to her. Preeta secretly records everything and uploads it to social networks, so that the police can take action. Sameer tries to pick up the gun but Prithvi pushes him away. They all get scared. Prithvi says that he already warned them but they still don’t listen to him. Prithvi also picks up another weapon and starts making fun of everyone. Prithvi warns again and says that this time he will kill everyone. Shamu says why is everyone taking so much time despite being so rich. Prithvi stops Shamu and advises him to get back to work. Shamu gets angry and starts yelling at Prithvi who also turns her knife towards him. Shrishti remembers Anjali and thinks where is she?

Anjali walks in and sees that Girish is hiding there. Anjali asks her, what is she doing here? Girish replies that she is hiding from them. Anjali tells her that the goons called the entire family and asked if she was spying on them. Girish says that he is helping them and even called the police. Anjali asks him, did you get the phone? Girish says yes and tells him that he thinks one of the goons is Prithvi. Anjali gets confused and leaves.

Prithvi and Shamu start arguing and Rishabh tries to interrupt them but Prithvi again pulls a gun on him and tells him to shut up. Shamu tells Prithvi not to forget that he has to pay his debt. Prithvi asks Shamu to stop showing attitude about him. Shrishti agrees with Prithvi and says that he is right. Prithvi thanks her by accidentally calling her by her name. Sameer asks Prithvi, how do you know Shrishti’s name? Everyone gets confused. Shrishti says that she is famous, so she knows her name. Rakhi asks Sameer not to be jealous, Sherlyn belongs to him. Preeta also overhears him and tells Sameer that Shrishti loves him even though she sometimes fights with him. Shrishti says that she doesn’t. Dadi says that all these goons are invited by Shrishti, so everyone knows her name. Preeta is confused.
Just then Anjali walks in and asks Prithvi to name her. Kritika taunts them that they are all thieves and will never reveal their true identity. Anjali asks him to shut up! Prithvi gets disappointed and reveals the true identity of him to everyone. Everyone is surprised to hear his words.

Preeta’s grandmother arrives at the Luthra mansion. She finds the guard unconscious. She worries.

Kritika says that the goon cannot be Prithvi. Rakhi says that he wants the marriage to take place on time. She asks the guests to give jewelry to the thugs, she will pay for the loss of it later. Bani finds her very innocent. Rakhi says that they are very rich, they have a lot of money and jewels, they have no vanity, they can make ten such havelis. She tricks Shambhu and snatches the gun from his hand, and Arjun snatches it from Prithvi. Rakhi asks Rishabh to take the weapons from her. She asks the thugs to put down their weapons. Rakhi bravely locks the goons in a room.

Prithvi and Shambhu argue and accuse each other. Shambhu asks him why he didn’t tell him about Rakhi’s intelligence. Prithvi says that he did not know how the Luthras would behave, Rakhi has become smart and brave thanks to Preeta. Shambhu asks them not to praise Rakhi. The goons also praise Rakhi. Shamnu and Prithvi express their anger and are beaten by their men. Shambhu asks what they will do now. Prithvi thinks of some plan. He says it’s Shambhu’s fault for holding Sherlyn captive, if she had been with him today she would have helped them. Shambhu says that there will be a person who will be able to save them.

Rakhi is happy that he managed to catch the goons. She scares Mahesh. She says that she thinks she’s sweet, but she’s also sneaky. She asks him not to stop her next time. Mahesh says that it is not wise to be brave, but he believes that she is brave. Sameer says that they should see the face of the thugs. Rakhi tells her that they need to go ahead with the wedding rituals first. She asks the pundit to start the rituals. Bani asks Preeta to freshen up. Rishab goes to look for her phone.
Rakhi asks Arjun to freshen up and come for the puja. Karan is happy to see Rakhi’s new look. Rishabh says that the police are coming, thanks to Preeta’s live video. Kareena is impressed by Preeta’s intelligence. Karan thinks of Kavya and realizes that she is just like him. He sits in the pavilion. Preeta asks Shrishti if she wants to say something. Shrishti says that he thought that Arjun was Karan but got confused. He now he believes that Arjun is Karan.

Precap: Anjali advises Prithvi to first let this marriage end and then attack. Anjali also returns her gun to Prithvi.
Preeta’s grandmother tells Preeta that when she was going in, she saw that all the guards were downstairs. Preeta is surprised.
When Prithvi attacks again, Anjali grabs the gun and decides to shoot Preeta.

Update Credits: Tanya

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