Kundali Bhagya 30th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Prithvi tries to convince Rishab that Arjun is not Karan

Kundali Bhagya 30th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Prithvi tries to convince Rishab that Arjun is not Karan

Kundali Bhagya 30th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Prithvi tries to convince Rishab that Arjun is not Karan

Kundali Bhagya Jan 30, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Preeta is shocked to see Anjali hugging Arjun, she tells him its not because she will never lose him as he will always be with her as her friend, she asks him to promise but Arjun replies promises are broken but try that because he must I’ve heard that those who try never lose. Arun sees Preeta looking at them, he feels very tense but she leaves.

Rishabh drives the car, she can’t concentrate and thinks continuously. Prithvi follows her in the van, Rishabh thinks when Preeta agreed to marry Arjun, she tenses hearing this and even Rakhi’s mother said that there is nothing wrong with Preeta’s marriage to Arjun to do as he is Karan, Prithvi smiles following him, Rishabh thinks that his mother is never wrong, he is very tense but keeps driving. Prithvi gets a bit disappointed so he follows her. Rishabh remembers how Kavya was really happy with Arjun, she doesn’t see the oncoming truck so he immediately turns the car around and hits the street light. A crowd gathers to demand that she call an ambulance immediately, as she is seriously injured. Prithvi slowly reaches the car door and smiles looking at Rishabh.

Prithvi is eating banana while the doctor is examining Rishabh, she leaves and Sherlyn immediately asks why she brought Rishabh here, she must understand that they might be in a lot of trouble, Prithvi tells the doctor that her friend is there and he gives her a hint. injection to Rishabh like someone who won’t wake up until tomorrow morning. Sherlyn asks what her game plan is. Prithvi replies that her plan cannot be understood by everyone, Prithvi explains that once Rishabh wakes up, she will know that Arjun is not Karan. Sherlyn asks if Prithvi has gone mad because they have proofs, though Prithvi assures that he has everything it takes to finish the proof, they have to wait until tomorrow morning when he will help them stop the marriage and he knows that Arjun is not Karan.

Arjun slowly walks to the balcony where he sees Preeta sitting on the swing, she immediately picks up the magazine. Arjun asks what happened but she assures that nothing is wrong, he asks her if he got jealous seeing him with Anjali. Preeta, after thinking for a while, asks him what he is saying but he says that he only felt but he doesn’t feel bad, Preeta replies that he is wrong since he is not jealous and his feelings are wrong, Preeta leaves, he tries but he tells her stops explaining his jealousy. Her face looks really good, she mentions that if they love someone then they can’t see that person with someone else, she explains that she felt jealous, which means that she has a special place in her heart for him . Preeta begins to think how Karan will say that she is her lie and she always says that she wants to bring her into her life, she mentions that she started laughing only after she married him. Arjun brushes her hair from her face, wondering how she would do it before, he explains that if she had said it before, she wouldn’t have, but she is beautiful. Preeta is only thinking about Karan and starts crying, Arjun leaves so Preeta also stands near the swing, thinking that she has said everything else but not saying that he is Karan. . Preeta thinks about how he warned her what would happen if she leaves him, he starts crying once more.

In the morning, Sherlyn is looking at Rishabh who is still unconscious, Prithvi is surprised to see her, and slowly sees how she is looking at him, and asks if she has feelings for Rishabh. Sherlyn replies that she was wondering when Rishabh ji would wake up, Prithvi gets jealous so Sherlyn tells her that she was wondering when he would wake up. Prithvi asks her not to waste any more time and go to the market so they can prepare a delicious breakfast, Sherlyn gets confused but she leaves desperate. Prithvi slowly tries to wake up Rishabh who is still unconscious, he panics so Prithvi helps him sit up and assures him that he will be fine. Rishab asks what Prithvi is doing here, Prithvi explains that this is her house, Rishab tries to leave but Prithvi makes him sit down and explains that he is not well. Prithvi says that she had an accident last night, Rishabh is shocked to hear this. Prithvi asks if she doesn’t want to know what happened last night, Prithvi reveals that she saved Rishabh from the accident, she asks if Rishabh doesn’t want to know if the accident happened on purpose, but Prithvi informs. He reveals that he knows who she was. he involved in the accident and blames Arjun. Rishabh asks why Prithvi thinks that she will believe everything she says, as if Arjun has any problem then she would come to talk to him. Prithvi explains that Arjun knows that he is the only one who can prevent him from marrying Preeta, Prithvi explains that he has one more proof that he will prove that he is acting to be Karan. Rishabh demands to see the proof, Prithvi explains that Arjun wants to prove with the birthmark that he is Karan but says that a tattoo artist gave him the mark.

Rishabh angrily demands proof, shows Prithvi the video in which the artist admits that he made the mark on Arjun’s body. Prithvi explains that Arjun knows that the Luthras are innocent and sentimental, so he toyed with them, the people of Luthra have also given them everything including their house, property and even daughter-in-law. Rishabh angrily warns her to behave, she is about to leave the house when Prithvi informs that they can stop the marriage but it is only possible if Rishabh agrees, Prithvi informs that Rishabh should only marry Arjun. She has to sign papers to give everything to Preeta. Because after that, Rishabh will become the owner. Rishab says that her plan is really foolish, she questions how Prithvi benefits from him, she tries to make him believe that she is doing it from the heart. Prithvi says that he has done many bad things in his life due to which he lost everything in the game, so he only wants ten to fifteen lakhs. Rishabh warns her to stay away from her family and explains that she will accept Preeta ji’s suggestion, but Rishabh leaves without saying anything while Prithvi tries to make sure that he is just her best friend and saved her life. life. of his energy, but Rishab was not convinced.

Kritika is angrily setting up the decorations when Shrishti angrily pushes them away, Rakhi asks her what she is doing when Shrishti tells her she doesn’t want this to be a wedding. Kareena says that she doesn’t want this marriage to happen either, but why should they be conspicuous by behaving like this, though she says that she knows that Srishti is not mature. Preeta also arrives, Rakhi asks her to go and get ready. Shrishti stops her by asking her not to go through with this marriage, Kareena mentions that she does not agree with Shrishti but also feels that Preeta should not marry Arjun, Kritika tells her that she also feels that he does not think highly of her family. she asks Preeta not to marry Arjun and Preeta gets upset.

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