Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun complains about Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun complains about Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun complains about Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Sep 23, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Preeta starts to walk home, Arjun explains from behind that he hasn’t changed one bit and is still the same failed fourth class doctor, Preeta suddenly remembers how Karan used to call her by that name. Preeta turns and asks if she said something, but she replies that she is the one to say thanks, Preeta offers to go to her house so she can accept him as a thank you, Arjun says he won’t come because she has a meeting, Preeta leaves, Arjun hesitates and sits in the car.

Preeta hugs Biji as she enters the house, she sits at the table when Janki gives her water, seeing Srishti start making faces, Srishti tells her that every time she comes to this house they treat her like this No, Biji tells her that she did all this to him but Srishti doesn’t pay attention to her, Preeta tells her that she must accept that both Biji and Janki love her more, Shrishti, she is Preeta’s, when she sees the burnt sari she asks how it happened, she tells her that it was because of the lamp that burned the temple, he assures that it is nothing like this. Preeta hears a knock on the door so she goes to open it, she is surprised to see Arjun and asks him what he is doing here, he replies that he has something to say when Preeta tries to ask him but he enters the house pushing her.

Arjun congratulates Biji who is excited to see him and even Srishti hugs Arjun, he questions if they don’t ask their guests for tea, Janki replies that they make tea for the guests so Preeta offers to make it for them, they all want it. drinking it Preeta enters the kitchen when Arjun is looking at her, Biji after a while asks him to come from her and sit with them, since she will take time to prepare the tea. Srishti tries to fight with Arjun while she is standing in front of him, Arjun finally manages to sit down as Srishti also sits next to her. Biji thinks that she has no shame because she forgets that she is married to Sameer, Biji tells her to go and help Preeta, but Srishti refuses to explain that she should sit here with Arjun.

Prithvi in ​​the cell asks why the other person helped him, he replies that he feels like he knows Prithvi but he doesn’t remember where they met, Prithvi replies that it’s not possible because there is a lawyer, but Prithvi hasn’t used a lawyer yet. Prithvi is excited to see Sherlyn so she calls her explaining how she was waiting for her and now that she has come everything will be fine, Sherlyn starts waving her hand and even that threatens the lawyer that when he tries to stop her, Prithvi tells him that it really hurts. , what did she do?, Sherlyn replies that she cannot accept that Prithvi put her phone in the ladies’ room, Prithvi asks how can she believe that he will do anything, Sherlyn replies that she is the inspector who showed her the mobile that belonged to her , It’s disgusting. Prithvi tries to explain that she doesn’t know how his phone got into the bathroom, since Arjun stole his phone when they were fighting, after which his phone was found in the bathroom. Sherlyn tells him that his life has turned into hell after trusting her, he says that he doesn’t love Preeta, but then he finds out that he is with her, she tells him that he is very fond of women, so he should staying here for what he’s done, Prithvi starts yelling that if she wasn’t ready to help him, why did she come? He asks Prithvi if Preeta is the same girl who married Rishabh, Prithvi asks how she knows about the family when the lawyer replies that he doesn’t remember where he saw Prithvi.
Preeta brings tea for everyone and after serving she asks Arjun the reason for coming here, he asks who does Preeta have to complain about, Arjun reveals that he was the one who stopped her sari from the fire, Preeta replies that she was about to tell him, Arjun explains that he doesn’t even know that Preeta replies that she should thank someone, but Arjun says that Preeta said it didn’t come from inside her.

Arjun asks after drinking tea why he put so little sugar in it, BG asks Preeta to go and add sugar, Preeta leads to the kitchen, she thinks of a plan to replace it with sugar instead of ribbons to collect.

Preeta gives Arjun tea when Arjun reveals that he dropped her off too, Preeta replies that he offered to drop her off himself, Arjun asks why he didn’t thank her when she showed her courtesy. Preeta tells him that he offered to come over for tea when Arjun replies that he just came to complain about her. Preeta says that she should drink tea, which she says is good, Preeta replies that she is a wired person as she puts salt in the tea, Arjun says that they have caught her movements. Beeji starts to scold Preeta why she did it when he helped her. Sameer suddenly enters the house, greets everyone and is surprised to see Arjun, asks what he is doing here, to which Arjun tells him that he had come to drop off Preeta and visit Biji and his family. He stopped to meet the rest.

Sameer asks why Preeta Bhabhi didn’t call her, Srishti angrily replies that she is always ready to help everyone but her, Sameer explains that that is why she came here when she says this. It turns out that she has too many contacts with the designers, Arjun hurts his head, which worries everyone, so they immediately rush to help him, Preeta also brings him turmeric milk that he wants to drink. He refuses, then tells her that he will put a cold compress on his head so that he doesn’t hurt himself anymore, Arjun starts to remember the times he spent with her and suddenly takes her hand before leaving the house, Biji asks Arjun Preeta did say something to him that he refused.

Arjun smiles as he drives the car and remembers how happy he is to be with Preeta, but then he thinks back to the night he was thrown into the dam, but now he is married to Rishabh. Arjun thinks that her heart always wants to go to Preeta but now he won’t go to Preeta since he has no feelings for her, Arjun thinks that he should stay away from her because if this continues he won’t be able to tell the truth. He will reveal that he is Karan, until his revenge is complete, he cannot reveal the truth about his identity. Preeta is also worried in the kitchen. As Arjun goes to sit in the car, they both look tense.

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