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Preeta is adamant that now Mahesh Papa has gone to live with his family, as he has come out of the basement after two years so it is going to take some time, Bji also agrees with Preeta that it will take some time. Looks like, Prithvi questions how is it possible that if he is having difficulty in going up the stairs and feels that the stairs are dizzy, Preeta once again says that they are going to do only the right thing which will be followed and Nothing when it is difficult, Beeji asks Karan to take his father upstairs, Prithvi questions how is it possible as Mahesh himself feels the stairs are moving, Preeta gets irritated that Can he stop talking because it is not good, Bani Dadi asks Prithvi to Karan if they can take Mahesh goes to his room, they all go upstairs when Prithvi loudly tells Mahesh that he cares for her a lot and was right because the stairs weren’t running. Prithvi also walks upstairs, Natasha asks Preeta what happened because she was caring for the Luthra family a lot, Preeta replies why she cares, even though she is sympathetic towards the Luthra family, when Natasha replies that she is happy that Preeta cares a lot. This family, B G calls her Natto, she corrects B G by stating her name as Natasha, when B G replies that she is only going to call him Nattu. Because she is like him and always stands in the middle of everything, she informs that the guests like it when they leave the house after a short stay but Natasha has no intention of leaving, she hears this. Doesn’t even work Natasha says that she is going to remember his advice and so leaves.

Luthra family helps Mahesh to enter the room, he sits on the bed which everyone is really happy to see, after a while Prithvi walks into the room, he assures that Mahesh is about to be here. There is no need to be worried as he is surrounded by his family and should be comfortable, Karan asks Mahesh to lie on the bed, Prithvi thinks it is the right time to show everyone that he cares a lot for Mahesh And whatever Preeta does for him will be wrong, so whatever she does will be good for Mahesh. While whatever Preeta does is wrong, Prithvi offers to bring water for Mahesh, Ganesha offers to bring it but Prithvi is adamant to bring it only himself. As Karan assures that he will be fine after a while as they have just brought him, he sits beside Mahesh when Rakhi also sits near his feet.

Prithvi is walking in the hall when he stops to see Preeta coming down the stairs, he feels that he is really excited to see her as he can see her plans which he made for the future, Because she is planning to bring Mahesh out of the basement but the medicine she is taking will not go away in a day, the battle she is fighting for Mahesh will not be that easy but she will definitely make sure that Mahesh Coming back to his family once again, Prithvi thinks he knows what he was thinking but she will be unable to do anything and to bring Mahesh back to his family, Preeta thinks he must be thinking that he What would she be doing but she has come only to help Mahesh and will only save Mahesh from her. Prithvi goes to her and thinks she still has a cause for tension as Preeta always thinks she is aware of his plans but he surprises her with a new style of attack for which she has no solution Is. Prithvi offers her water as she seems stressed, however she refuses to take it, Prithvi explains that it did not turn out as she wanted as she wanted Mahesh to transfer Luthra from the basement to her room. Granted, but it cannot happen, because he himself had seen Mahesh. found the stairs moving due to which he himself was dancing but it is not because only his mind was dancing, she also advises him not to do it as it is not his job while he is really good at doing them .

Prithvi explains that the relationship between a doctor and a patient is really awkward as they know what is best for their patients but if there is any problem for the patients then he can cut it, just like that. Just like he is Mahesh’s doctor. and knows that he is the best by living in the basement, Rakhi is kind of a sentimental person because she is his wife so wants him to celebrate birthdays with his family but what if he makes a scene and then lots of it for them Everything creates problems. Prithvi asks if she understands what he means, he leaves so Preeta thinks he doesn’t understand what she is planning as he is going to make sure Mahesh celebrates birthday with them , and it is proved that Mahesh is not insane although he does not know whether it has been proved before that Prithvi himself is a mental patient.

Prithvi enters the room where the entire Luthra family is sitting, he asks Karan to help Mahesh drink water, Prithvi tries to explain that he is the Luthra family’s well-wisher and cares for them, he asks them Wants to say something and what is wrong is wrong but sometimes it becomes more wrong, all of them should not make same mistake as Preeta, they are seeing that Mahesh is not well and the best place for him is the basement But to bring him out of it just because the party is wrong. She thinks she must have challenged someone so nothing is more important to her than her ego, Preeta also fired Mona and they all are taking care of Mahesh for a long time, she might have some differences with Mona But she is fired, Karan tells her that Preeta was not wrong in shooting Mona because if she can poison Preeta then who knows what she can do to Mahesh.

Sherlyn also starts arguing with Prithvi if she thinks she doesn’t know what Preeta is doing, she is always doing wrong to them but then she is sure that Preeta can never harm Mahesh because she Ruining your plans. Prithvi questions how much she trusts Preeta, he asks Kritika if she trusts Preeta, Kritika replies that she trusts her a lot, which is why she is heartbroken and How can she trust someone who has two faces, she shows one side of her face to the world while keeping the other side hidden. Karan tries to stop her when Kritika replies that Preeta herself admitted that she came here for money. Kareena mentions that she knew the truth from the beginning that Preeta came here only for money, she takes approval from her mother who replies that she doesn’t want to think about it because whenever she questions herself. Then she gets only one answer that Preeta is not doing the right thing.

Preeta is cooking when BG informs that she is really eager to smell the delicious food, Preeta replies that she is making pea soup for Mahesh Papa which she likes very much, BG replies Lets tell that Preeta is beautiful and smart, has good taste, she feels really good after eating food even after everyone smiles, Biji questions why she thinks Preeta is under stress, when Preeta replies She tells that she doesn’t know how she can help him recover in one day, she thinks that Mahesh stays with them because then she stays with everyone else will be able to take care of her, otherwise if she goes back to the basement. Once again the poison can be like before because they can’t see it every day or time. Beeji explains that she knows that Prithvi was trying very hard to send Mahesh to the basement, but to stop him, Preeta has to do something that Prithvi can never think of anything else, Preeta says after waiting for a while. Yes, he’s got a plan.

Rakhi says she doesn’t care what everyone says or thinks because she is like old Rakhi who does whatever she thinks in her heart and knows that Preeta is doing this only for Mahesh, She can never wrong the Luthra family. Prithvi tells that Rakhi is saying this because she is a very nice person and cannot see evil in anyone else, but Preeta is not right. Kareena says that she will never agree with Preeta on anything but will agree with her this time, she has not done anything wrong with Mona, everyone is shocked to hear this while Prithvi and Sherlyn are stunned. .

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