Kundali Bhagya 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishab and Arjun get in an argument

Kundali Bhagya 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishab and Arjun get in an argument

Kundali Bhagya 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishab and Arjun get in an argument

Kundali Bhagya Oct 14, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

The worker brings the thali for Aarti which he keeps in the temple. When Maa Sahib asks for Shekhar, Rishabh and Preeta are greeted at the palace, Maa Saheb motions for the workers to get into bags to welcome them. Preeta calls him Rani Sahab but she mentions that everyone calls her Maa Sahab, Shekhar also welcomes Rishabh and Preeta from the balcony, he asks if they should come here, there is a problem, he introduces his mother when Rishabh mentions that They have already met her, Shekhar explains that he has about their Mumbai palace deal. Come here, Maa sahib tells him that he thought they were a new couple and one of the guests as he forgot some of them. Leading Preeta there she gets interested in dancing, Preeta also starts dancing when she has a strange feeling and sees Arjun standing at the entrance, Shekhar goes to welcome him too, asks if he did not face any difficulties, Rishabh got angry seeing Then he stood in front of him, Shekhar was confused. Arjun asks how Rishabh is but he replies that it is not important to tell him but what is Arjun doing here, he says that Rishabh can ask Shekhar who tells him that he is here for the same deal. He has come, Arjun says that Rishabh can ask Shekhar. , Rishabh goes to the corner with him.

Rishabh asks what is going on as they have already finalized the deal and Raja really liked his proposal so what is going on? he doesn’t understand anything so he asks if the deal is still finalized or if there are buts, he mentions to Shekhar that the deal is now null and void as the documents were not official so even Rishabh knows that without them the documents they have no legal meaning, he explains that Arjun made him an offer yesterday which was also very good, they will all sit at the table and decide which offer is more suitable and which one they will choose in the end.

Preeta is constantly looking at Arjun who is standing in the doorway, he is also looking at her whom the girl notices, she asks if Preeta knows Arjun, she replies that she really knows him very well. She knows that Preeta is about to walk when she sees that Maa Sahaba greets Arjuna and seeks blessings from her. Maa Sahab calls Preeta to meet Arjun, Maa Saheb tells her that Arjun is also from her city Mumbai, Preeta replies that she knows him, but Arjun says that she just thinks she knows him. Preeta replies that he doesn’t know that girls have the power to judge a person at first sight, so he wants her to tell everyone about the truth about her, Arjun says that he doesn’t have time to talk to her. There is no free time. because of this, Preeta also angrily says that she doesn’t want to talk to him so she storms off.
Rishabh asks Shekhar what are they going to do now, he mentions that he will share the proposal with Arjun, he says someone called him by name. Arjun wonders if he has gone mad when Rishabh explains that he does not bring emotions to business. Rishabh mentions that Arjun will feel good as he has a chance to be in this deal but Arjun must know that this deal was always his, Arjun says that he didn’t come here for tea either, Rishabh replies that they also give tea to their enemies before firing them. Arjun replies that he believed in that too, but not now because some people wanted to get rid of him from this world, it is his belief that he should make a good impression. Rishabh says that Arjun watches a lot of movies, Shekhar says that both of them should calm down as it is just a deal and whoever has the highest offer will take it, Rishabh mentions that this time he also has Most will quote, Arjun replies that he was not present last once, but whenever he is present, he always wins, Rishabh storms out and says that he should keep watching Hindi movies.

Preeta stands up thinking about her meetings with Arjun, she gets very angry thinking that Rishabh and Preeta are not eligible to be Kavya’s parents, Maa Sahab asks Preeta if But she refuses saying that there is nothing like this, Maa Sahib calls her daughter and asks her to see Preeta’s face, as they can see that she is in some kind of trouble, Maa Sahib explains. As for if her daughter can see it, then how can she not know that something is wrong?, Preeta replies that how can she tell him about her life situation since it is really problematic, Preeta mentions. She just knows that she doesn’t want to talk about the problem, the mother-in-law explains that she can understand but she just wants her to know that circumstances change over time. . And it will all be for the best, so Preeta shouldn’t be so upset. Maa Saheb leaves when her daughter asks if Arjun is her first love, Preeta replies that she can never love him and that he is also Rishabh Luthra’s business rival.

Maa Saheb asked Shekhar if they could come up with a solution, he replied that there is still a problem, so Maa Saheb called her daughter in law and Preeta mentioned that she had already told her not to meet Said because it is an auspicious event. so there shouldn’t be any problem, she asks the worker to show her her room while she advises Preeta to get ready for the bid.

Srishti and Rakhi are sitting in puja, Srishti opens her eyes after a while because she is so hungry, Kareena goes a little crazy but Sameer gestures to her not to give up hope. Shrishti and Rakhi complete the rituals before finally offering prayers.

The worker asks Preeta and Rishabh to go into the room, Arjun insists on not occupying the room in front of them, but the worker tells him that there are only two rooms left, Rishabh sees Preeta putting the suitcase, so he needs get some rest. has to travel, Preeta asks Rishabh what was the need for all this when he got the deal, Rishabh explains that he had told Shekhar the same thing, who replies that since he didn’t have any legal documents, the deal will be treated as void . and empty, he says it’s just business, Rishab mentions that she was surprised because she couldn’t take back his words. Preeta is worried because Rishabh ji got the deal. He assures that so far nothing is happening, but she feels that Shekhar is only interested in finances. Preeta is worried about what the problem is with Arjun.

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