Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Anjali and Rishab get in an accident

Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Anjali and Rishab get in an accident

Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Anjali and Rishab get in an accident

Kundali Bhagya Nov 14, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Arjun is standing near his car, he sees Preeta in the car, he remembers how he gave her a restraining order that Arjun would never go near his daughter, he gets into the tall car when Preeta in front of him gets out of the cab, he stares . looks at her as she walks to the market, Preeta is surrounded by some kids who are blowing bubbles, she leaves with a smile, Arjun gets out of his car once more as she is standing in front of him, he looks at her angrily. Preeta also guides a stranger who seems lost, Arjun gets back in her car and drives off, Preeta finds him a bit strange.

Kavya stops Anjali and explains that she wants to say something, the guard arrives and asks Kavya to enter the class, which is about to start, Anjali asks her to wait a moment while they are talking, but Kavya calls Anjali a again when the persona asks why she is taking his name, Kavya explains because she is his friend too and she really likes him, Anjali replies that she likes him a lot, Anjali is back in her car smiling as she starts to roll and runs into a accident with Rishabh, both fall unconscious.

Anjali wakes up in the hospital, she starts to look towards the door when the nurse asks if she is waiting for her boyfriend, she says that she is a little better but Anjali assures her that she is fine, she says that she crashed trying to back up. and after that everything goes black, Anjali tells her that everything is fine and she screams trying to get up when Arjun asks her for a wheelchair but she Anjali assures him that he will be able to take care of her.

Dadi and Kareena also run into the room, she is upset to see that Rishabh is still unconscious, but Sameer assures that Rishabh is out of danger and everything is fine now, Srishti also tells him that she should be glad to have someone older. . It doesn’t hurt, so it’s okay. Preeta asks Dadi if Rakhi Maa knows about the accident, Kareena replies that she doesn’t know anything but how long can they keep it from her. The laborer explains that it seemed that the girl had intentionally caused the accident and wanted to harm Rishabh Luthra. Preeta gets worried saying that they entered Rishabh because of her condition, but she doesn’t ask who caused the accident, the laborer names her as Anjali, Srishti tenses up and there he shows her the photo of her, she immediately recognizes him.

The doctor asks everyone to leave the room as the patient needs to rest, but Dadi forces them to stay in the room for a while longer.

Arjun is helping Anjali walk when he asks why she is smiling when she is hurt and she is like a psychic still laughing, Anjali replies that she knows she will always be there for him, Preeta stops them from behind saying that she is a criminal because that is the reason why Anjali caused the accident, Anjali replies that she did nothing but Preeta. Not convinced that she caused the accident because they want revenge on Rishabh, Srishti also reveals that she is lying by asking what is wrong with Rishabh as he is always trying to harm her. Anjali replies that she never tried to do something like that, Preeta is not convinced with him and says that she must have done it to impress Arjun as she clearly loves him, Arjun has to bear it, he can’t, Preeta warns in mind. as the language of her if Rishabh J is respectable then Anjali is also a very nice girl, Preeta replies but she is not nice to him because she always because of Arjun Luthra she is trying to make trouble for the family.

Preeta blames Anjali herself as she might have done it because she wanted to help Arjun, he asks Srishti to take Preeta as she is not interested in arguing with him, Preeta replies but will make sure they pay for what they have done . Kareena is also furious when Arjun leaves with Anjali.

Preeta enters the room as Sameer reports that Rakhi maa is coming with Uncle Mahesh, Preeta mentions that she never wanted Rakhi maa to see Rishabh ji in such a condition, but Srishti asks why. How can it be because Rakhi’s mother and Mahesh’s father are his? fathers. Rakhi goes to the room to ask the doctor about Rishabh’s condition, Preeta assures her that everything is fine and they are sure that she will be normal.

Arjun enters the house with Anjali when the servant asks him what happened to him, Arjun replies that he was driving and so he can understand what must have happened. Anjali sitting on the sofa stares at Arjun and remembers how she fought with Preeta over him, she is glad when Arjun replies that this is the problem with Preeta as she just tries to blame everyone. She thinks that she knows that Anjali hasn’t done anything wrong, but still Preeta argues when Rishabh isn’t so hurt, Anjali says that she should let it happen because she thinks that she is too jealous. Preeta is taking care of Rishabh, she shouldn’t talk because she is in a very good mood, Anjali says that she feels like fighting with Preeta for her, Arjun replies that she was right, Anjali says that she is very cute, since he called her a time and came running to her in the hospital, Arjun replies that she is really very kind and always by his side. hers. Problem when he asked her to make sure to talk to Kavya and she left no stone unturned, Arjun explained that she does everything from her heart or for her so that he can also do something for her, Arjuna to go Li stands up but looks He returns and asks her if he can take her to her room, she smiles at him and tells him that it is not necessary. Arjun starts texting her phone but she is just looking at him, he asks what happened as she immediately got a glass of water.

Shrishti whispers to Sameer that Preeta scolded Anjali a lot but Arjun was very protective of her which made her angry. Sameer asks Shrishti to stop thinking about Arjun.

Rakhi asks the navvy man what is he doing here, he tells him that he called Preeta about the accident and saw everything, Anjali doesn’t even know how to drive properly.

The doctor tells the boy in the room to call the main doctor. He tells her that Rishabh Luthra’s head was torn off during the accident, so they are doing everything they can to make sure he is stable. Kareena is angry.
Arjun is in the room when he calls Anjali, he asks what Kavya told him before the call, Anjali tells him that she was really mad at him as she told him but that she also loves him very much, Arjun smiling explains that since she is his daughter he will definitely love her, the worker reports that the police have come to the house.
Arjun rushes to see Kareena with the police, he asks her what she is doing here. When Kareena informs the police that Anjali intentionally caused Rishabh’s accident, so they should arrest her, Arjun is shocked. .

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