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Kundali Bhagya 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Sherlin finds Prithvi in the Engagment party

Kundali Bhagya Aug 10, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Arjun is in bed, Anjali says that he has finally come to his senses, he will not remember anything he did indeed, so he warns that he will never drink again in the future like today, Arjun is really worried Hota hai wondering what must be done. , she says that she is going to tell him that he professed his love to Preeta, Arjun worries about what he should have done, he tells her that he has confessed his love to Preeta, he proposed to her, Arjun worried so he replied that he is still a child and has just grown up outside. Arjun stands up and asks what her reaction was when she proposed to him, he mentions that Preeta accepted her offer. Anjali then clarifies that he pushed her back, hearing Arjuna tell her that she is like him, and she adds that she is also like him because she felt he was begging her. Arjun also accused Anjali saying that she should have stopped him from drinking. Anjali asks him what he thinks of himself, how she could have known he would do such a thing. Arjun asks her to come with him as they need to settle matters, Anjali replies that he has already lied to save them, adding that she has proposed to him several times in the past under influence. Arjun furiously asks what he has done from now on, what will Preeta think of him, since she will feel that she is under someone’s influence. Anjali says that it would have been better if he had proposed to her, as she would not have turned him down and she could have accepted her proposal.

Prithvi turns to walk, when they all stop, he asks why they are standing here, to which the king says that they have accepted him as the chief and will do as he says, but now he has to reveal his identity. the reason for the destruction of the party, Vishnu also asks for the identity of him. Prithvi returns once more and tells him that he was a business associate of Prithvi but betrayed him and caused him a loss of lakhs. They say that Prithvi doesn’t seem to be a rich person, he replies, but they all seem to be losers. The king asks them both to stop before asking them to take out their special belongings. Prithvi is very happy to say that they look like professionals so he goes to take one of them, he says that he already had a gun when Prithvi replies that they are better than knives and that he didn’t really have a gun but now that he does and even he knows how to use it, he orders everyone to accompany him.

Prithvi stops suddenly as Sona is about to enter the kitchen, Prithvi asks her the reason why she is here when she also asks him a question. Prithvi asks her who she is, Sona tells her that she too has come from Punjab but is now looking for her cousin Kavya, Prithvi asks who she is, so she tells her that Kavya is Rishabh and Preeta’s daughter Is. Sona leaves when Prithvi reveals that she is actually Karan and Preeta’s daughter. The king said how is this possible because Arjuna said that Rishabh is her elder brother, so Kavya is actually Arjuna’s daughter. After some time the king mentions that he finally figured it out, Rishabh and Arjun have different surnames so they are not brothers. Vishnu mentions that he doesn’t want to use his mind anymore, but he knows that they are both brothers.

Rishabh arrives at the corner with Preeta and asks her what is wrong since she is very tense, Preeta replies that it is not like that, assuring her that she will not leave unless she agrees. tense Rishabh turns to see him, Anjali asks if Arjun thinks she should have told Rishabh, he replies that he doesn’t care about her and that he will reveal the truth. Rishabh asks where he went in the middle of the party, Arjun reveals that he was supposed to be with his future as the party was so good that he got drunk and entered a room under the influence of alcohol, not knowing why. what. have they said there? Rishabh smiles and says there is nothing to worry about, Kareena asks what everyone is doing here as they discuss an important issue.

Kareena mentions that it’s time to cut the cake, she invites both Arjun and Anjali to come with her, they all leave together. Prithvi stands up and mentions that they are going to celebrate his event, but unaware that Prithvi has come to spoil his celebration, someone suddenly pushes Prithvi inside as the king with his men rushes to see him. Prithvi tries to clarify that she is his wife but Raja doesn’t understand any of this with his men, Prithvi orders Bunty to come back as she is actually his wife. Prithvi threatens to kill him, but Sherlyn slaps Raja so Bunty assumes she is his wife. Prithvi says with a smile that she is great because he made them understand what the truth really is, Sherlyn can’t understand what the truth is so she asks him what is he doing here at Luthra mansion. Prithvi reveals that he has come to finish off Rishabh and Preeta on the day of his anniversary.

Rishabh tells Preeta to go get the guests, Arjun is following Preeta when he suddenly suggests her to run help him, she appreciates him after backing away but replies that he expects an apology but he will tell her what he really has done. In fact, he asks her if she proposed to him to which she is surprised she doesn’t take him seriously because he proposes to girls who aren’t her type. He tells her that she means he doesn’t like her, he mentions that he will now ask her what the difference is, but that means he doesn’t like her. Preeta said what is the difference between type and type when Arjuna said, he is not like her, it means that her heart is full of sin and he is a criminal. Preeta promises never to invite him to any of her parties again.
Sherlyn asks Prithvi what she is doing here, Bunty tells her that they have come to crash her party when she takes the name Monty. Prithvi replies because he is the boss, so whatever he says, Sherlyn doesn’t understand how he became the boss, she explains that today was the day his life was ruined, so he tried to take revenge today. the Luthras after which they used to steal all the jewelry and cash from their house. A Doo servant asks who they are, she is able to recognize Sherlyn, Vishnu hits her from behind and she falls unconscious to the ground, Sherlyn worries about what she did because the servant might die, Vishnu assures her that she is just unconscious . Kavya also comes to the door looking for the worker, she asks who they are. When Prithvi approaches him and reveals her name, he is stunned and turns as Sona leaves with Kavya. Prithvi reveals that she is the daughter of Karan, Kavya Luthra and Sherlyn. he is shocked to hear Preeta.

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