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Kumkum Bhagya 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Kumkum Bhagya Aug 8, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Ranbir telling Prachi that his heart has made a beautiful image of his daughter, even though he didn’t see her, but he knows that she will be like him and he heard many complaints from her, so she will be like you. He says that he is going to make a complaint box at home, so you two can put the complaints in the box. Prachi asks what does she say? Ranbir says that she says that her mother is rude and careless, and I asked her how to improve her mother. She asked me to give mommy more love so that mommy can give you lots of love. She says that she asked me to hold my mother’s hand and come closer to her, as love will grow and she will get triple love from mother and bau ji. Prachi says that she looks like she really talks to you. Ranbir says that I can hear my daughter saying this and she asks me to take care of her. He tells her to take care of her, don’t be angry, smile and be happy so that she feels good. He says that he wants her son to smile and not cry in this world. Prachi says that today I will sleep early and rest, and says that she is saying this and not me. Ranbir says that she has started talking to you.

Rhea wakes up thinking about Pallavi’s words. She wonders if she will trust him or not, and she thinks that she will do something to get her job done and her mother doesn’t feel bad. She says the divorce papers won’t come here, and I won’t. She thinks about talking to Prachi and abusing her so she can talk to Ranbir. She thinks that she will do this first thing in the morning.

In the morning Rhea tells Ranbir that she wants to talk to him. Ranbir says that he doesn’t want to talk to her. Rhea says that Prachi is waiting so we can talk. He asks why you included Prachi in our fight. Rhea says that she really amazed me, that you took such good care of her and protected her like you would a little girl. She says if she is really good or if I am bad. She says that I’m not bad, and says that I’m also a woman and that I’m actually pregnant. Ranbir asks her why her day starts with complaints and asks her to feel like a pregnant woman. He calls Prachi. Vikram asks what happened. Riya asks her not to make a scene and come to the room. Ranbir says I don’t want to talk to you. Everyone sees them. He calls Prachi. Prachi comes there. He says I’m yelling so late, if you were on call. Prachi says no, I was…. Riya asks if you want to be with this lamb (goat) who knows nothing but stutter. Ranbir and Prachi get upset. Prachi asks him to say it again. Ranbir asks what is your problem. Dida wakes up and says that she worries why people love Prachi more. Vikram asks Rhea to grow up and says that you are pregnant, but you are behaving like a child. They say when you talk like that no one wants to talk to you. Riya says don’t talk, that I’m not asking anyone to talk to me. She asks Vikram not to indulge in girl talk. Prachi asks him not to cross her boundary. Rhea asks him to stop acting like they are her parents. She says you’ve been kicked out of this house. She says that no one wants you to stay here and she is disappointed. She says they never accepted you and they never did. She says you’re shameless and you stay here. Ranbir says a lot and says that Prachi is here as I wanted her to be here. He says you are fake and Prachi is Satya’s idol, I don’t know what you want, you are fake. Aaliya says enough is enough. She says that Riya speaks from her heart and doesn’t fight with anyone. She says what she says wrong, she said well that her sister has ruined her house. She says that no one wanted Prachi to come here, but now she looks, she knows black magic. Shahana says that Prachi has done so much magic, as if she made everyone her own, this is the magic of love, that your Riya will never be able to learn, so she will not give work and will not get love. She says to ask him to get out of here and stop being jealous. Riya says how dare you and slaps her. Ranbir holds Riya’s hand. Dida raises her hand and asks Riya if she’s gone crazy, if I slap you. Riya pushes Dida. Vikram catches Dida and asks what she is. Pallavi arrives there and says that today you have crossed all the limits, now cross the last limit and cross the stairs of this house. Riya says that I will not leave here, since Ranbir is my husband and this house is mine. She says no one can ask me to leave. Pallavi brings the divorce papers and says that you are my son’s wife, so my son will divorce you today. Everyone is surprised. Prachi asks what sudden divorce is. Shahana says to let this happen, and says that it should have happened a long time ago. Prachi says that she is pregnant and says that we can’t leave her. I know she’s mean, but she’s my sister, please don’t do this to her. Aryan says that she is taking advantage of everyone’s feelings, she should have left here. Shaina asks if you’re real. She says that Prachi is also my sister. Mili asks her to side with Riya as well. Shahana asks him to know about her first and says that it is better to have 100 enemies than to be a sister like that. Riya raises her hand to slap him. Prachi holds her hand. Riya asks who you will save. She asks him to save Ranbir from her. She says you married Ranbir so my marriage to him is invalid so how did I get pregnant? She says that Ranbir has a physical relationship with me in my room and took advantage of me if I am not married to him. She says that she raped me in the name of marriage. Prachi says enough. Riya says I got pregnant out of wedlock, call it what you want, but she’s taken advantage of me. Prachi talks a lot and tells her not to try her patience and not to take her kindness as her helplessness. She says that Ranbir didn’t take advantage of you, but you did take advantage of him. He says I know very well what you’ve done to him. Pallavi asks her what she has done. Prachi says that Ranbir told me that Rhea had damaged his drink and that she was not in his senses or under his control. She says that she didn’t take advantage of him, but that it was all Rhea’s plan. Ranbir asks if you trust me and trust me. He gets excited. Prachi says I know, Shahana heard him. Rhea says that she is jealous of me and therefore makes up a false story. She says that she humiliates me, when she found out that she was pregnant, I tried to kill her baby. Prachi asks what did you say, if you are not human how can you think like that? She says that I have enough patience and asks Ranbir to divorce Rhea. Riya gets angry.

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Update Credits: H Hassan

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