Kumkum Bhagya 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir calls Police for investigation

Kumkum Bhagya 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir calls Police for investigation

Kumkum Bhagya 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir calls Police for investigation

Kumkum Bhagya Oct 27, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

The episode opens with Aryan and Aaliya bringing Rhea into the room while Sid is there. Aryan is about to call the doctor but Aaliya stops him and says don’t call the doctor, you already insisted, first you took the car and now this. Aryan says I thought you’d scold me on the phone and ask me why he’s overreacting, he’ll focus and take care of her. Aaliya screams and asks him to leave. She leaves him. Sid says I want to meet Mihika. Aaliya asks him to leave. She closes the door. Riya gets up. Aaliya thanks him for saving her. Riya says that I had this idea because I’m pregnant in full view of everyone. Aaliya says, but the question came to everyone’s mind where did that dupatta come from. Riya says we’ll say lady/cookies must have gotten stuck with her dupatta. Pallavi arrives there and sees Riya standing. Aaliya says that she just regained consciousness of it. Rhea says that she was sleepy and passed out, maybe the boy is scared. She says sorry. Pallavi says that this is her first child and says that his attention was on Prachi the whole time. She asks Riya to come over. Aaliya thinks what to say.

Prachi comes after Ranbir and says that I want to talk to you. Ranbir says that he doesn’t want to talk to you and asks him to leave. Prachi says that when I don’t stop you from following you and talking to me, you can’t stop me. Ranbir says don’t talk to me like that. He asks you what do you want to do? Prachi says that he wants to say how he feels about him and them. He says to say that later and is about to leave, but Prachi takes his hand and rests her head on his shoulder. He asks what is this? Prachi says that this is his way of saying thank you. Ranbir asks why you do this. Prachi says thank you. He welcomes and asks why are you doing this? Prachi asks what? Ranbir says don’t talk to me. Prachi asks why. Ranbir says that you are not in my destiny, but I can take care of you, and he says take care of you, I have to fight with you and good luck. Prachi smiles. Ranbir asks if he is smiling. Prachi says you might get mad if I say. She says you’re getting angry. Prachi laughs and says that you look cute. She says the police are about to arrive and you’re saying I’m cute. She says I told you to take care of yourself. He asks why you were dancing near the firecrackers.

Pallavi walks out with Rhea and says she’s fine. She tells everyone not to worry and tells them that she is fine. Vikram says we were talking about something else. Dida says that Aryan said that Aaliya is reacting differently. Vikram says that Alia reacted after the incident with Prachi. Aryan says that she is scolding me unnecessarily and that there is a difference in her behavior. Rhea asks how you can talk about alcohol behind her back. Aryan says I’m talking about my mother. Riya says that Booji kicked you out and asked you not to come in because she was unconscious. Sid asks how you know, since you’re unconscious. Rhea says that Buji told me and that he freaked out for my baby and takes his anger out on you. Ranbir arrives there as Prachi asks him to listen. He asks Aaliya where she got her dupatta from. Aaliya says that Prachi wasn’t wearing the dupatta that she brought. She shows dupatta and says dupatta is this. She says that I don’t know where her dupatta came from and I don’t know who wants revenge on her. She smiles and looks at Rhea. A fb is shown, Aaliya thinks what to say and her mind races to think. She sees a dupatta in her closet and takes it out. She thinks the color is the same, no one will look at it carefully. Ranbir calls the police and asks them to come early. He says the police are coming.

The policeman says that Diwali is obscured by them. Lady bailiff told the importance of Diwali. The lady inspector arrives and says that it is a big house, let’s go in and see the circus. Ranbir is waiting for the police to arrive. Aaliya thinks what to do, how to alert the tailor. Dida asks what happened, it seems you are worried. Pallavi sees Rhea tense and asks her to rest. She says we will respond to the police. Ranbir asks Rhea to go rest, she says that she is pregnant. She then asks Pallavi why she didn’t ask Prachi to rest, since she is also pregnant. Prachi says Ranbir. Ranbir asks him not to say anything. Prachi says dad. Ranbir asks her not to take her father’s name from her. Riya says that you care about everyone and me too. She asks her to be kind to Prachi and says that she has taken good care of me, treated me, taken good care of me and applied medicine to me. Shahana asks what you mean by Ranbir treating everyone the same. Riya says yes. Logic. Ranbir asks them to stop him.

Mrs. Inspector Yamini Singh arrives there with the Mrs. Constable and the Constable. She says someone called from here and asked them to cooperate. She asks who called me, who is Ranbir? Ranbir introduces himself and his family. He says that he called the police when Prachi’s dupatta caught fire. Yamini Singh says that such incidents happen during Diwali. Ranbir says it was not normal, I want to know who did this. Yamini Singh says it was an assassination attempt. She asks about the guests. Ranbir says that they are gone. Aryan says that she can give the list. Yamini tells him not to tell her how to investigate. She says that she will also question family members in private. Aaliya asks why soldier. Yamini says that I want to know who hates whom and who is an enemy, and says that the family is dangerous to strangers. She says that she will ask Vikram and Dida first.

Precapture: Yamini says where Prachi is getting so much love, where the attack is happening. She asks Sid if anyone doesn’t like Prachi. Sid says yes. Aaliya tells Yamini that Prachi thinks Rhea is her favorite and that she loves him, but she doesn’t. Yamini says that she understood how much you love Prachi. Yamini takes the tailor there and asks him who asked him to make the dupatta. Aaliya says. Aaliya worries.

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