Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Prachi feels emotional connection with Khushi

Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Prachi feels emotional connection with Khushi

Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Prachi feels emotional connection with Khushi

Kumkum Bhagya Feb 1, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Aryan asking Ranbir to save him and he says that I don’t want to marry this girl. Ranbir asks him to refuse if he doesn’t like the girl. He asks her not to judge the girl by her appearance and tells her to judge her by her behavior. He says that she has come a long way and deserves to talk to you. She asks Aryan to talk to him. Pallavi brings the girl to Aryan. Ranbir says that Aryan healed my eye. Pallavi says that I am your mother and I know you. She asks Aryan to meet Damini and talk to her. Ranbir says that I will go. Aryan asks why you leave me on the battlefield. Ranbir says that if you had loved someone, the fight over the arranged marriage would not have ended. Damini asks Aryan if he’s nervous. He says no, why should he panic? Damini asks what is your brother doing? Aryan says that he is a junior manager at a company, but that he owned many companies at one point. Damini asks if he is married. Aryan says that there is no one in his life now, but he has someone special in his heart. He says you’re good, but I… Damini says I don’t want to marry you. Aryan says you saved me, and thanks him. Damini asks her to leave and tells them that she doesn’t want this alliance. Aryan asks her to go and turn him down as the standard for girls is high. Damini asks him, where is his heart? Aryan says that girl stole my heart and left, and I don’t know when she did. Shahana meets a guy and thinks that Aryan was the best. Then she thinks that he didn’t call her once and she thinks about him. She says that I don’t even like him and that she misses him. She says I’m crazy for thinking about him.

Kaya comes out and asks the guard if a car has come for me. The guard says no. Kaya gets angry with Ranbir. A car arrives there. She asks the driver if he came for her. The driver says that she came for Prachi. Prachi comes there. Kaya asks if this car is yours. Prachi says that this is the hotel car that came for me. She says if you want you can come with me. Kaya calls Ranbir and asks where the driver is. Ranbir asks him to wait. Kaya ends the call and leaves with Prachi. She asks Prachi to talk about her, her likes and dislikes, her hobbies and dislikes. Prachi asks her what it is that she doesn’t like. Kaya says those people who don’t care about time and when dad scolds me, and my boyfriend who wants to know all my updates, what do I eat, what do I do? Prachi says that it was a lot. Kaya asks what kind of guy she likes. Prachi becomes sad. Kaya asks him to move on in life and says that we won’t waste our tears and time for those people who don’t value us. Prachi says that I tried, but I couldn’t. Kaya says that I have come and I will make you forget about that guy completely.

Ranbir comes to Khushi and tells her that he wants all the flowers and wants her to go to school. She says that she used to go to public school and help Mai sell flowers. Ranbir says that you speak very well. She says that you also talk a lot. She asks him if she knew that particular person that was written on the card. She says that she didn’t know her. Khushi asks him to think that she will meet someone special.

She says that what you think from your heart will come true. Ranbir says I met you, you said it right. She says that you have given me 3 flowers, so she takes 90 rupees. Khushi says that I gave him one to make him smile. Ranbir says that you are cute. She says that you are cute like Ranbir Kapoor but that does not mean that you will be stubborn. She asks him to give her 60 rupees and says that I will give you a new flower that will have a message of new fortune. Ranbir says that he is fine, my little friend. He sits in the car. He reads the file that he will meet someone tomorrow and then she and her heart will be happy. Khushi says that it will happen and asks him to think positive. Ranbir says that he is fine, my dear friend. He goes. Khushi tells her friend that he seems to know her and he was not afraid to meet her. She says that yesterday I saw a lady who was very beautiful and I thought I knew her. Kaya asks Prachi to accompany her to the club and tells him that she will forget that painful person and make some changes. Prachi says that I am not going to the club. Kaya says that she is fine. The car stops at the traffic light. Khushi sells flowers to a lady in the car. The car starts. The lady says I’ll give you the money. Khushi runs after the car and falls on the road. Prachi crouches down and approaches Khushi. The woman gets out of her car. Prachi scolds the woman. The woman gives him money. Prachi asks Khushi to stay there and goes to fetch a bottle of water from the car. She asks Kaya to give her a bottle of water. Kaya gives it to him. Prachi goes. Ranbir calls Kaya and tells her that she came by her car and asked her to come. Kaya says that she left with Prachi, we are in the same hotel, so I took the elevator from her. Ranbir thinks of Priya and mistakes her for Prachi.

Ranbir tells Kaya that he will be happy to hang out with his new friend. Kaya says that she is not a burden on anyone and says that Prachi took her. Ranbir says that he is happy. Kaya says that I’m happy too. Prachi makes Khushi drink water and asks her not to run after the car, asking her to promise that she will not run after the car. Khushi promises him and keeps her hand on Prachi’s hand. Prachi gets excited and remembers the little bird. Khushi says that you did this for me, even though you don’t know me, and says that you love your daughter very much. Prachi says that I don’t have any daughter. Khushi says that I am your daughter. Prachi gets even more excited.

Precap: Khushi asks Prachi to buy flowers and asks him to read the token that is with her. She says that she does not give me money. Prachi reads the token that she will meet someone whom she can see even with her eyes closed. Prachi asks if she will meet Ranbir.

Update credit: H Hassan

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