Recipes often burn while cooking, which can ruin your utensils. Vegetable or milk utensils are very difficult to clean after they are burnt. This problem mostly occurs with people who do not have much experience in cooking. They forget by keeping a pot of milk or vegetables and a pan on the gas. Tawa also gets burnt badly in making paratha etc. Food is prepared in some way, but when it comes to cleaning the burnt utensils, it becomes very difficult to remove the stubborn stains of the burnt utensils. The problem is more when the work of the burnt vessel is done immediately and it is not able to be cleaned quickly. In such Here you are being told easy ways to clean burnt utensils, so that you can quickly remove stains from utensils and make them like new.

Burnt Utensils Cleaning Tricks


If the bhagona, pressure cooker or tawa etc. has burnt excessively, then salt can be used to clean it. For this, clean the burnt vessel by putting salt on the scrub pad. Afterwards wash the dishes with soap.

Lemon juice

If the utensils are burnt or have any kind of stains, lemon juice helps to clean them easily. Non stick utensils, copper utensils can be easily cleaned with lemon juice. Apply lemon juice on the vessel and leave it for some time. Wash off with water afterwards.

dish soap

Burnt utensils can also be cleaned with the soap that is used to wash the utensils used daily. For this, put some liquid soap and some water in the burnt vessel and soak it. After a while, wash off the soap in the pot with water, rubbing it with a scrub.

tomato ketchup

The tomato ketchup kept in the kitchen of the eater also helps in cleaning the utensils. Apply tomato sauce on a burnt vessel and leave it overnight. Wash the dishes as usual in the morning.


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