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The episode starts with Ranveer asking Suhani to submit the assignment and he will drop it on her own. Ansh comes there and throws the assignment papers on the floor. He asks Suhani why she came to meet Ranveer, leaving their wedding party. He says I will close all your chances of meeting him, either he will stay in this college or you. Ranveer asks who are you to decide? Ansh says I am her husband and she will do as I say. He says I cannot ask you to leave this college but she being my wife will obey me. He says that tomorrow Suhani’s farewell party will be held in this college. Ranveer says Suhani is an educated girl and I will not let you rule her. Ansh asks Suhani to come. Ranveer holds his collar and asks if he doesn’t understand correctly. Suhani asked Ranveer, why can’t I understand? She says first you ruined my life and now I cannot fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor, leave me.

Ranveer brings the project to the professor. Professor refuses to take the project and says Suhani is having a party there and you have written the project for her and asked if I don’t recognize your handwriting. Ranveer asks her to understand that if Suhani has written this project then it will be as good. He gets angry, but controls his anger. He then calms down and explains that he is just saving the career of a brilliant student and asks her to support him. Professor says what if I don’t do this? Ranveer gets up and closes the door. He says don’t submit the project, your cabin door is locked, neither I will go nor let you go, till the project is submitted.

Ansh brings Suhani to the party and announces that tomorrow is Suhani’s farewell party and you all have been invited. He sees Ranveer and leaves with Suhani. He rides a bike with Suhani in front of Ranveer and asks her to see him one last time, as she won’t even be seen in the boundary wall, and no power in the world can bring her back here. Ranveer says that Suhani was born to become a doctor and no one can stop her from coming here. Ansh says I don’t know whether I will laugh or not. Ranveer says Suhani has come here to be the best doctor and she will. Ansh says I will see and go with him. Ranveer looks at them. John and Raghav tell that you have completed his project and this bad guy will not let him come. Ranveer says Suhani has come here to be the best doctor and she will go after becoming the best doctor, and I will do whatever I can for her.

Ansh and Suhani come home. They see women dancing. Asha holds Suhani’s hand and tells that she is Suhani, her doctor daughter-in-law. The woman says that the daughter-in-law is very beautiful and praises Asha for not stopping her from studies. Ansh says I will stop him and asks if one doctor is not enough for you, if you want to get treatment, then get yourself treated by me. He says that my wife also cooks well, and asks them to come and eat food cooked by her anytime. Suhani’s eyes are torn apart and she wipes her tears.

Mamta asks Riya where is she going? Riya says I thought take a little leave and will come back and see you. Mamta sees Ranveer coming there angrily and ends the call. Ranveer angrily throws the vase on the floor. Mamta asks what are you doing? Ranveer looks at the mangalsutra and remembers Ansh’s words. He says that Ansh wants to stop Suhani from becoming a doctor and is standing between him and her dreams. Mamta asks him to calm down and think of him, whom Suhani loves as much as you. Ranveer says Rakesh ji. Mamta asks him to talk to Rakesh ji and thinks that the girl who can marry Ansh for her father, she can do anything.

Suhani talks to Ansh and says that she will not talk to anyone and will do as he says. She says becoming a doctor is my mother and my dream. She says don’t stop me from going to college. Ansh sings the song and says your mother also wants you to become a doctor, let go and ask her. Suhani says Ansh. Ansh asks what happened? He says if they think you will go to college, then I will not stop you.

Sudha asks Suhani to drink juice and says you cannot take medicine empty stomach. Kamini comes there and complains about Suhani, says that she is bringing Ansh here without pagphera rasam. Rakesh says this is his house, she can come anytime. Dadi asks Suhani to meet her father. Suhani hugs Rakesh and Sudha. Ansh pretends to be good and takes blessings of elders. Sudha says you didn’t tell that you are coming and asks them to sit. Suhani asks how are you, and says I am sure you are not taking medicines on time. Rakesh says your mother gives me medicine by taking your name. He asks if everything is fine. Ansh says I will tell papa ji. He says I need your advice, Suhani is my wife and I can take decision for her betterment, but since she is your daughter, I thought of taking your advice. Dadi asks what is the matter? Ansh says Ranveer tried to drown me in water and tried to kill me in front of everyone. Everyone is surprised. Rakesh says I told you to be careful. Ansh says I am worried for Suhani. He says Ranveer is upset and can do anything, I can’t be with him all the time so thought of giving him a one year break from college.

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