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The episode begins with Ansh asking Suhani to wait for her. Suhani thinks that she will get less marks if she submits the assignment late. Ansh comes out of the bathroom and sees Suhani. He says you are not prepared properly. Suhani says that’s how I get ready to go to college. He says I will tell you how to get ready after marriage. He takes vermilion and fills it in her forehead. He asks her to go and dress up like a new bride, and asks her to change her dress, saying this color is dull. Suhani says she is getting late. Ansh says do you want people to make fun of me, and asks him to dress up like newly wed bride. He tells her not to forget the mangalsutra, and hands it to her, and threatens to call Rakesh. Suhani gets upset and goes to get ready.

Mamta comes to Ranveer and asks what is all this? Ranveer says you stopped me from taking revenge, but in so many years you have suffered so much, says you will not stay here. Mamta says but. Ranveer says I get scholarship and I will do job. He says now you will be with your son, who considers you more than any relationship, and who cannot see tears in your eyes. He says Suhani will also be with us. Mamta gets shocked and asks what are you saying, she is married now, you cannot force her. Ranveer says I will not force her, as she is made only for me. He says she loves me more, and one day she will break all ties and run to me, and it is not my trust in my love, but my trust in Suhani. Mamta says Suhani will never come. Ranveer says fine, I will take you from this house when Suhani comes to me.

Suhani is on bike with Ansh and asks him to ride faster, as class would have started. Ansh slows down and stops his bike. He asks her to get down and says that petrol is over. He asks her to stay there until she searches the nearby petrol pump. he goes. Ranveer comes to Suhani and holds her hand. He makes her sit in the car. Suhani looks at him. Ranveer closed the door and sat in the driver’s seat in the car. He wears seat belt. Suhani looks at him. Ansh returns to his bike. Ranveer tied the seat belt to Suhani. Suhani looks at Ansh. Ansh shouts at Suhani and runs to stop the car. Ranveer turns the car while Ansh runs after him and gets tired. Then he stops and keeps running behind the car and falls down. Suhani gets shocked and sees that Ranveer is about to kill Ansh. She shouts Ranveer. Ranveer stopped the car at the right time. He gets down and gives his hand to Ansh. He grabs her hand and takes it to his car.

After that he drives the car. Ansh asks for water. Suhani gives a water bottle. it falls. Ranveer says you were acting to get petrol for full tank, but I will never delay any kind of help for Suhani. Ansh says it is not wrong. Ranveer says this is the right way. They come to college. Posters of Suhani and Ranveer have been put up in the college. Ranveer helps Suhani to get down and walks holding her hand. The students congratulated Ranveer and Suhani. Ansh tells that Suhani is not married to Ranveer but to him, so congratulations to him. He says that Ranveer has not reached the mandap. Everyone laughs. Ansh says I made Suhani wear mangalsutra, now she is my wife, it is true. Ranveer says everyone knows the truth, even Suhani knows. He says Suhani is only mine, Ranveer’s and will always be mine. Suhani says I am late for class and I have to submit my assignment.

Ranveer holds her hand and says that the class has just started, it is not over. He says I will come with you and submit my project. He says I could have said this on the way, but want to say this in front of everyone, because it all started in college when I first saw you here, I understood that you are the purpose of my life, and So whatever has ended between us, I want to rectify it in front of everyone. A boy asks with whom did the marriage take place? Suhani says I am not married to Ranveer but to Ansh. Ranveer says that Suhani’s marriage happened by deception, and says that it was betrayal and helplessness. He says Ansh created such a situation that I do not reach the mandap on time, and then in the name of sacrifice, he took advantage of your family feelings and made you wear mangalsutra. He shows wedding video and says you were marrying Ansh, but your eyes were searching for me. He says it was not marriage but betrayal and I will get you free from this marriage.

Ansh asks Suhani not to be afraid as Ranveer cannot harm her. Ranveer grabs Ansh’s collar and takes him to the fountain pool. He pushes her in and drowns her in the water. Suhani asks Ranveer to leave her. Ranveer says I will leave you after freeing you from this forced relationship. John gives divorce papers to Suhani. Suhani sees this and says divorce papers. Ranveer says yes and says you got married by cheating, I don’t believe it, but for society and your family, this is marriage, so break it and come with me, we will start it afresh. He says I will leave my house and stay with my mother and you. Suhani asks Ranveer to leave her, and says you may be mad for people, but I know you cannot kill anyone. She asks him to leave Ansh for her. Ranveer leaves Ansh. The fraction comes out of the water. Suhani asks do you think marriage is a joke, and says you saw my expressions but didn’t see that you reached the mandap late, and says today I am in this marriage because of you, I did a wedding. Big mistake I trusted you.

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