Kewal Tum 25 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani refuses to go with Rakesh

Kewal Tum 25 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani refuses to go with Rakesh

Kewal Tum 25 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani refuses to go with Rakesh

Only Tum 25 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Suhani asking Ranveer to drop her hand. Ranveer says you are only mine, and applies sindoor in her maang, says from today she is his wife. This turns out to be Rakesh’s dream and, shocked, tells that Suhani is not safe in that house. Dadi says we have to bring Ansh to our senses and only then we will know why Suhani went there. They try to wake Ansh up. Rakesh threw water on Ansh’s face. Ansh wakes up and Bhang comes out of effect, he asks what am I doing here? He remembers them saying that Suhani will always be at Ranveer’s house. Ranveer knocked on the door, Mamta sat on the floor and started crying. She imagines Asha’s house entry and remembers seeing her with Vikrant. She then imagines that Asha is sitting beside her and laughing, telling what I did to you, now this is your right place, home corner. She says you lived a wonderful life on my husband’s money, now I will get my husband and everything. She says I have taken Ranveer by my side now, and asks him to make a habit of staying in the corner, else she will throw him out of her house and also from her husband’s house. Mamta asks him to keep quiet and throws a vase at him. It becomes his imagination, not hope. Ranveer asks Mamta to open the door. Mamta takes the piece of glass and remembers seeing Vikrant with Asha. She is about to cut her hand when Ranveer breaks open the door and enters. He takes a piece of glass from her hand and gets hurt in her hand. Mamta gets worried and says Ranveer. Ranveer says if something had happened to you then I would have followed you. Mamta says you saved me from this piece of glass, but what about that poisonous knife you pierced my chest, and says you killed me when you brought them here. She says everything is over, and says you have finished everything for Suhani. Ranveer’s eyes moisten.

Rakesh comes there calling Suhani. Suhani thinks how Papa came to know that I am here. She comes out running and sees Ansh with Rakesh and Sudha. She asks what are you doing here, papa? Rakesh says I will ask you and will ask what is left to talk. Asha comes to Ansh and says I was worried for you. Ansh says I went to meet friends, but they made me drink bhang. He says that I had gone to Suhani’s house by mistake. Sudha asks Rakesh to control his anger. Rakesh says it was good, if I would have died. Dada ji asks Rakesh to listen to Suhani once. Rakesh folds his hand in front of her. He asks Suhani if ​​she has any self respect, that she had come to stay in the house of the boy who left her in the mandap. He asks if your father had died, that you came here.

Ranveer swears by Mamta and says if you try to harm yourself then I will burn this house. Mamta asks where are you going? Ranveer asks her to promise that she will not harm herself. He asks her to give some time and says they will leave soon. He asks do you trust me? Roshni comes there and tells that there was drama in the house. She says it seems something has happened here, and tells Mamta that Suhani is leaving, as her father had come to pick her up. Ranveer ran towards the hall.

Rakesh holds Suhani’s hand and asks her to come with him. He says you will not stay here even for a minute. Suhani stops and tells Rakesh that she will not go anywhere. Rakesh says you are refusing to go with your father and says your relationship is not over with us. Suhani says I have some compulsion, which I cannot explain to you. Rakesh asks what is this? Suhani looks at Ansh. Rakesh says I am asking you to come to my house. Suhani says this was my house, now it is my house where my husband lives. Rakesh says that he will also take Ansh and Asha ji along. Ansh says Suhani will feel insulted if we stay at your house. Asha says I don’t want Ansh to stay in your house as ghar jamai and says people will joke about us. Rakesh says I don’t care for anyone, and says I will not let my daughter stay here. Suhani asks will you take rent from us if we stay in your house. Rakesh asks if a father takes rent from his daughter? Suhani says we are staying here, as Ranveer agreed to take rent. Rakesh says you can get many houses on rent. Suhani says we don’t have money even for deposit amount. She says it is Ansh and her mutual decision and asks him not to drag this issue in anyone’s house. Sudha tells Rakesh that they will leave. Rakesh says you are coming in his talk, and asks him to come with him by holding his hand.

Vikrant asks what drama is happening in my house. He says this is not your basti, it is my house. He says you don’t even have a position to stand here, and calls security. Rakesh asks Suhani if ​​he heard in which language they talk. Vikrant asks security to take them out. Ranveer shouts to security to leave, and asks Vikrant to respect the guests. He says they are Suhani’s parents and I respect him more than Suhani. He apologizes to Rakesh and assures him that no one will disturb Suhani, not even me. Rakesh asks Sudha to come, and they leave. Ranveer comes to Vikrant and says if next time I want to talk to my guests, then bring manners. He says what you called drama was a father’s concern for his daughter, which you will not understand because you do not have heart. Vikrant went. Suhani also goes to her room.

Ranveer tells Mamta that Suhani only loves me, else she doesn’t insist on staying here. He says that very soon, she will come back in my life.

Precap will be added in some time.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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