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Katha enters the room the place the design board is saved, Katha begins taking a look on the designs and a grin seems on her face, she additionally is going to have a look at different designs saved there that are very similar to a mosque. Viaan sees Katha status outdoor the room taking a look on the design, so he slowly walks at the back of her pronouncing that he has made it, she will get stunned however then he pulls her nearer to him. Katha will get a bit uncomfortable so apologizes for coming to her room after which praises the designs pronouncing that she did not know he introduced the designs house. Viaan says what they’re making is Raghav’s love however the thought of ​​love is theirs, like the tale of Shahjahan and Mumtaz, as the arena is aware of about their love however is unaware that the design used to be completed by means of Mumtaz’s buddy. Whose title used to be Sheraz, which used to be his love for her. Viaan has discussed in each facet of this design that his love for fiction is proven, and it merely says I really like you narrative, being attentive to this narrative presentations Viaan that there’s a connection between tales and actual lifestyles. There is numerous distinction between them while even within the tale, Mumtaz and Sheraz by no means met in combination. Viaan says that is their tale and he’ll make sure that he will get it completed and explains that it used to be the son who known as out they usually needed to lie, so he’s questioning why they lied, he says he were given it. Never favored and he or she used to be at all times fair. , Viaan says he’s handiest inquiring for a possibility to return again into Katha and Aarav’s lifestyles and make the whole thing proper, Katha will get emotional when Viaan tries to hug her but if Viaan responds she She says this isn’t proper, that is their reality each. Raghav noticed how Katha used to be crying within the room.

Ahsaan sharply asks if she is ok, she replies that she remembered her errors after seeing Katha on this area, who has entered as any person else’s fiancé, whilst her son Viaan, no longer her Know what he may well be going thru. Ahsaan says he advised Katha within the workplace to not come right here, however he does not know why she got here, Vanya tells that some issues can by no means be completed with concept, however handiest with one’s feelings. Can as a result of Katha is Viaan Bhai’s real love and he’ll stay pulling her nearer to him, which is love.

Raghav getting into the room is perplexed and asks Katha why she is crying, Katha selected the design explaining that she were given emotional seeing it, Viaan turns to Raghav who says he used to be scared. So asks for the design and begins taking a look at it, Raghav says it’s Viaan’s fault he poured his center on it and it may make somebody cry. Raghav says however he’s improper as a result of just one can are aware of it who can perceive the worth of this design, an architect who’s Katha. Raghav says he desires Viaan whom he loves so much to look this design as a result of Viaan is the one that crammed it with love and it could not had been so excellent, he says he’s certain that Viaan Making them smile during the tears. Katha tells Raghav that it’s too past due they usually must return house so Viaan is of the same opinion to allow them to pass whilst he stands there and breathes a sigh of reduction.

Ruhi whilst on her mattress is as soon as once more reciting Viaan Sir’s poem, she calls Aarav and asks why he were given so offended at her and ends the decision, Aarav additionally questions why she would tease him. Aarav solutions that he is going to university for that. Aarav additional says that they have got publicized their consult with as they just went to Papa’s buddy’s area and asks for the title, Ruhi remembers how Katha advised her that she’s going to communicate to Aarav herself. Ruhi replies that reality learn it used to be no longer a laugh in any respect so she asks if Aarav has completed horse using.

Vanya tells Ahsaan to not concern when Raghav returns with Katha and Viaan asks the place Teji is and Ahsaan says she used to be drained so she slept. Raghav replies that Katha could also be drained in order that they must depart, he tells Viaan that he must inform him the title of the woman he liked. Viaan says that she is doing the tale which everyone seems to be tensed to listen to, so Viaan explains that it’s not only a tale however the entire narrative, when Raghav guarantees Viaan to be sure that they meet him, Because when she returns he’ll without a doubt get her married to Viaan. Raghav and Katha depart when Ahsaan asks Viaan what he’s after. Viaan replies that he’ll without a doubt deliver his circle of relatives again in combination however Ahsaan replies that he’ll no longer reinforce Viaan on this when Vanya tells his brother. She hugs him and explains that she’s going to without a doubt reinforce him. Brother.

In the morning Katha is speaking to Pranav who says that Aarav known as all the way through dinner when Katha replies that she is satisfied they didn’t meet however Aarav is coming this night so she does no longer know Vyaan’s title. How will he react after listening to it? Raghav and Ruhi inform that they have got a present for Katha as their son has returned from the mountains, Aarav enters the home so Katha will get excited seeing him and hugs him, Ruhi asks if she herself got here or he used to be kicked out of this system. Aarav replies that he has no longer come to fulfill her however for his cherished circle of relatives, when Ruhi says that she is aware of he has come for her or even asks for a present from her, however Aarav replies that They went to dinner on my own and now desire a reward from him, Ruhi insists she wishes a present so is going with Aarav. Katha suggests to Raghav that she feels that they must no longer inform Aarav about Mr. Raghuvanshi as it could no longer be proper at the moment when Raghav is of the same opinion together with her and therefore says that they’re going to inform him about Viaan after a while. Because Diwali is a non-public subject. Raghav tells that he’s taking Aarav to the mall for Diwali buying groceries and might be again ahead of the puja, so Katha replies that she goes to return again early from workplace.

Viaan is anxiously looking ahead to Katha when Vanya says that he must no longer wait as she’s going to without a doubt come then Viaan replies that he can not look ahead to her, he tells that Aarav advised her all the way through dinner final night time. So Vanya asks what he mentioned when Viaan replies that he lied since she could also be a mom and subsequently can not take into accounts anything else rather than her son.

Ruhi asks Aarav what he introduced for her as a present, when Aarav replies what would he have introduced for her when he went to the mountains, Ruhi will get a bit disenchanted when Aarav asks what she has in her bag. What is there and he’s taking out a picket statue of a canine, Ruhi will get excited to look it when Aarav says that he’s the one that made it for her, Ruhi will get emotional so begins crying when Aarav stops her, Ruhi says her frame isn’t below her keep watch over and must be hugged. Aarav says he has to head and take a bathtub so he leaves whilst Ruhi wonders if anything else in reality took place all the way through the trip.

Vanya brings espresso for Viaan and asks what he desires as a present, when Viaan refuses she says that if he asks her then she’s going to reward him one thing he desires another way she’s going to get what he desires. Things must run, Vian says he simply wishes her prayers so Vanya replies that she’s going to at all times pray for him.

Precap: Katha tells Viaan that she is in reality frightened of what’s going to occur to Aarav as he has simply began getting a bit higher. Aarav and Ruhi are playing Diwali celebrations when Viaan visits Aarav who will get offended pronouncing that Viaan isn’t his father and begins hitting the bench, Katha and Raghav depart with Aarav whilst Viaan sits down unfortunately.

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