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Yatho questions Manav if there is any pill that can make him forget his mother as he is missing her so much, Yatho once again urges Manav who hugs him tightly.

Sometime back Manav calls Yotho to come out as pizza is ready Manav enters the room and is shocked to see that Yatho is playing fighting game he says why Yotho plays such games but he Doesn’t listen to what anger Manav goes to scold Yatho, Thought asks why he scolds her because if she had done the same to Mama she wouldn’t leave them, she lays down on the bed and heart Crying openly, Manav assures her that there is nothing to worry about as he loves her so much, ortho kicks her leg when Manav assures that he is going to get the medicine, although Yatho questions Whether there is any medicine to forget his mother because he is missing her so much, they both hug each other.

Akanksha is watching the video where Sakshi is leaving the madam apartment, Vibhav reveals that now she is going to leave Indore as she has been kicked out of her school, and her life with only Akanksha, herself and her son Yetho. Will be really easy, even as he is really looking forward to spend time with her, Vibhav opens a bottle of champagne when they both start dancing.

Manav enters the room where Akanksha is sitting as bride, he sits in front of her but before 9 he can lift the veil, Vibhav lifts her, which shocks Manav, who looks at Akanksha in shock. , she leans towards Vibhav and he says that his wife has left him to marry Vibhav as he is not human, Manav suddenly wakes up in tension about what he was dreaming of.

Sakshi madam is seeing her mother-in-law who is lying on the hospital bed, she is really worried. Akanksha is with Vibhav who gets romantic with her so she lies on the bed.

Manav is not able to sleep so remembering Akanksha starts walking in the room, he sits on the bench and is really tense meanwhile still crying in his sleep. Manav doesn’t know what to do, he says it is raining outside but why is he thinking that a storm is going to come in his life, because his heart is breaking just like he left her for her lover. Had given.
Vibhav knelt down to Akanksha, kisses her hand, saying that she feels that he is under the influence, but cannot understand whether it is alcohol or his love, she replies that some questions are not. Given and hugging him, the father mentions the thunder that God has given him in response, he then unties the ribbon so that it falls around the bed.

Sakshi reaches her house where officers are waiting, they ask her to open the door since time is up, Sakshi requests for a week as her mother-in-law is sick and hospitalised, official reply she receives. So Order can’t do anything when he tells the guard to open, but Sakshi warns him not to even think about it.

Yatho is walking to the school when he sees that Sakshi madam’s office is closed, he wonders why she didn’t meet him, he asks the guard who informs that Sakshi madam has not come to school, Yatho goes to sit When Ayesha greets her, she tells that her new mobile has arrived which she was waiting for long time, she tries to take a selfie but it leaves. Ayesha asks if he doesn’t want to take a selfie with her, ortho replies that he doesn’t because everyone leaves him, first Vinay then his mother and now Sakshi madam, and he is all alone, angering Ayesha. Upon arrival he receives a slap warning, talks this way again, revealing that he is not the only one whose relatives abandon him, that he still has his father but he doesn’t, and who Said Sakshi madam doesn’t love her, Yatho reveals that there was an old lady who told her that she must stay away from Sakshi madam and she doesn’t love him, so she was not even in his house, Ayesha assured That this cannot happen, she asks him to come as they will go to his office although Yatho replies that he had already gone there but their office was locked. Ayesha leaves with Yatho and tells that she knows where they can find her.

Sakshi takes out her suitcase, the officer asks her to come within three hours and get her rest, Sakshi is shocked to see Ayesha and Yatho, she questions what they both are doing to her, yatho questions As to whether she is going somewhere, Sakshi informs that she has to quit her job and in these quarters, he should not be worried about her as she needs to find another job, Ayesha questions the order to fire her. Who gave it, the official answer is that it came from higher officials, Sakshi also says they don’t know who gave it, Ayesha replies that her grandfather is the founder of this school and she doesn’t know why he would give such an order, she Sakshi requests madam to wait for some time as she is about to come back, yatho asks her to wait, he gives a gift to Sakshi and turns to leave, she notices something, so taking out the chapstick kisses her lips, apologizing for the previous night, Yatho asks her to wait for him while they Actually coming soon. Sakshi gets a call from the hospital asking her to come back to the hospital as her mother-in-law has regained consciousness and wants to talk to him.

Ayesha enters the principal’s office and asks the reason for shooting Sakshi madam, the principal gets angry and asks why did she come to his office like this without permission, Ayesha apologizes but asks why did she fire Sakshi madam Any reason why Kiya or Vibhav Kapoor didn’t give it to her, the principal says she can ask her grandfather to send the email, Ayesha takes out the mobile but the principal gets annoyed when she puts it back that she should Will get email soon and Sakshi will not leave madam school.

Vibhav is preparing breakfast why is he so happy this morning when the workers talk when he is usually really angry the thing is when someone is really happy with his partner he shows up It seems as if it’s raining alcohol in their room, Akanksha looks at them angrily, when they greet her, she sits beside Vibhav who informs that Sakshi is going to leave her house today. She is surprised that if Sakshi is going to leave today, he replies that she will now leave as her. The magic doesn’t need time to work, she suddenly wakes up to leave when he asks the reason. is that she tells that she is going to visit her son because now no one can come between her relationship with him, she is sure that he can create a garden for her son in which they are going to live happily, Vibhav replies that he has done a lot for her so he will do everything for her, Vibhav says that his life is a bargain and he knows that no lunch is free But Rana knows that he hates children. , he sent Niharika Ayesha’s daughter with great difficulty but now he has to do something like this so that it goes without any problem.

Precap: Akanksha throws Sakshi mud while driving, she reveals that fate offers unusual ways to take revenge, she hands over her money to wash her clothes. Akanksha warns Manav that ousting Sakshi was a small demonstration of Vibhav’s power and now she will see how he does not allow her to meet Yatho.

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