Kamna 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Yatharth denies meeting Akanksha

Kamna 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Yatharth denies meeting Akanksha

Kamna 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Yatharth denies meeting Akanksha

Kamna 13 May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

Manav questions why did he hold the meeting when his ex-wife is coming to meet his son, Akanksha tells that she has come after discussing with her father then why is he acting like this, he wants to stay and leave But insists the father comes back home until his son arrives.

Some time ago, Manav is in car with reality so he is advised not to play and just go to field, did he think sakshi mam might get hurt, yatho thinks he is sorry because his The intention was not to hurt him. Manav receives a text from Akanksha which reminds her that she is coming to meet Reality, Manav asks if Reality is not worried in the presence of her mother that she is coming to meet him, but she should not be worried Because his father will always be by his side. Reality does not answer man’s questions when Reality answers that he is both his mother and father after which he does not need anyone else in his life. Manav responds still he has court order, tho asks why is he allowing her now, it is because sakshi mam has left home and she doesn’t have time for her son anymore, Manav replies that he is crossing his limit now but gives realistic answer why he has to listen to such orders, just because he is a child and he is being forced, so he has to meet evil mother, Manav scolded him, Yatho replied that he too had crossed his limit but Reality turned away in anger.
Sakshi ma’am is dusting the house, she thinks that when Manav said she doesn’t know what will happen if she leaves, she expresses concern with Manav that Malti aunty is also working with kids, she thinks That Manav feels that she can’t move on while it was really easy for her so she will forget all her memories too, Sakshi goes to Malti Aunty and asks if she convinced Manav for another marriage. When asked to, Malti Aunty replied that she had asked him only to request her to decide about her future. life. Sakshi questions why he asked her, Malti aunty replies as she doesn’t listen to him, Sakshi replies that Manav was able to convince her as she is ready for second marriage, Malti aunty gets excited on hearing this Goes.

Manav angrily questions Neha why did she arrange the meeting when his ex-wife is coming to meet her son, she replies that the meeting was scheduled a week ago, when he asks if it is for her. Why is it not in the scheduler, he didn’t even think of confirming the time with him, Neha replied that she asked Holkar sir who tells that he agreed to the meeting as he thought Manav would be free , Manav replied that he has already missed the first day of yatho, and he feels really bad because it has happened twice and he doesn’t even like akanksha, so he doesn’t know why How will he react? Mr. Holkar tells Neha to try to push the meeting forward by an hour, she replies that this will tarnish the company’s image. When she insists, Manav closes the diary in anger.

Vibhav starts laughing saying that she is really troubled CEO, Neha says that he is just her boss while she is actually working for him, she feels bad because he is really tense, Vibhav gets angry. It could have looked really nice if he had seen her face. He could increase his bonus, with Vibhav assuring that his bonus would be increased as Manav’s stress increased.
Manav is greeting the authorities when he tries to call Akanksha but he is busy enjoying music in the car and hence does not answer his calls, he also tries to call Yatho but he At first ends the call but answers what happened, Manav tells that he is stuck in a meeting but his mother is coming to meet him so he is his father’s super boy so he should stay strong, ie a Gets worried for the moment and ends the call. Mr. Holkar calls Manav explaining that they are all waiting for the CEO.

Akanksha enters the house, asks Manav to come as she has brought a lot of chocolates for him, however he does not even open the door, the worker mentions that he is Manav sir’s house manager and when he asks about Yatho. I ask, he tells Reality is in his rooms. Akanksha knocks on the door, opening the door, Reality mentions that she has already spoken with her father, who assures her to come in a while, by then she can go to the living room, when she answers. Shuts the door in his face. Permission from her father but he doesn’t answer, Akanksha gets furious explaining that she is not going to leave till Manav comes back, Akanksha gets shocked seeing Manav’s house and says she doesn’t deserve this house , but says it is just for a few days after which Manav will be on the road, she tries to call Manav, but he does not answer. When the manager asks if he needs anything, he does not answer. So he requests her to ask Mr. Kapoor to ensure that his salary arrives on time when Akanksha asks. If she gets paid by Kapoor Construction, she asks him to send her details to this email, after which she will check what she can do, but she must understand that her loyalty should always be on the side that she deserves. pays.

Akanksha walks into the room saying that she has been waiting since last half an hour, she once again tries to call Manav who ends the call which frustrates her as she thinks she is going to be the CEO. After showing the attitude, Manav apologizes to all of them for the mess, Akanksha then throws some pictures from under the door thinking that this will complete her task, Reality recounts all the memories she spent with her mother. Hue starts looking at them, but when he remembers what he has done and therefore realizes that he really hates her.

Manav is in the meeting when Akanksha stands in front of him, she starts yelling at him when he questions the guard why did he let her in, he tells her that even when he tried to inform her he she came. The investors explain that they should have cleared all the issues in their CEO’s life before arranging the meeting. When Manav tries to request them to stop but they don’t listen, Akanksha keeps blaming them, Neha shouts. That if he has the slightest idea that his company is going to suffer since all the investors are gone, Vibhav smiles thinking that Akanksha is good at drama and Manav will have to take care of himself as he has fired a missile by the name of Akanksha. sent to humans.

Reality is tearing up all the pictures saying that he hates Akanksha so much because she ruined their family, he mentions that they were really happy before this new job of Manav but now everyone is away And even Sakshi ma’am doesn’t hug him, he burns everyone. Photos.

Precap: Ashita is coughing requesting the workers to open the door, but they can’t seem to mention that the door is locked from inside, they remember that Manav has the keys and so calls him The one who runs after knowing about this, the fire in Yatharth’s room

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