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Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Two years leap

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se Aug 10, 2022 Written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Gungun saying that I feel really bad, my good friend is leaving, I can’t say goodbye to him. Anu says now he go and bid her farewell. She says great idea, I’ll take a bouquet of lilies and surprise her, come. He says no, he won’t be okay. She asks why, she is also your friend. She says it’s not small and right to go, she likes you, if she hadn’t come back in your life, maybe she would have proposed to you, we both respect each other (Arman and her) We must respect our limits, so it must go along

Armaan remembers Gungun. he is on his way. He talks to the driver. The driver asks what’s wrong with you, you’re very quiet. Armaan says take good care of the family, after I’m gone, mom and dad should be fine, leave the house muttering when it’s late, she’ll refuse, if you tell her with love, she’ll agree. . The driver asks when she will return, I will come to the airport to pick him up. Armaan says I have no answer. Gungun is on his way to the airport. Arman arrived at the airport. He gives the driver some money. The driver refused.

Armaan says to take it for his son’s cricket team. The driver says that he is already financing his studies. Bless Armaan. Haman leaves. Gungun comes and calls her. He smiles seeing her. He asks how you got here. She tells the taxi. She says it’s late. She says what should I do, she has booked the morning flight, relax, Anu has my taxi details. He asks if he didn’t come. She says no, I told you, we’ll meet soon.
He says I know, do what you say, the driver was right. She asks what. She says nothing, as Anu let you come alone. She says that he trusts me, I am brave, best of luck for his new job, don’t worry, win the network, when he comes back after a year, you will see him at new heights of success. He says I’m sure of him, but I can’t guarantee… She says you’ll be back after a year. She says that she doesn’t know. She asks if you will call. He says no, I won’t give the US number to anyone. She says okay, get ready to send direct messages on social media. She says I’m not on social media. She asks how am I going to bother you. She says let me be in peace. She says I thought we were friends. She says I’m very bad at comforting. She says that you are bad, that you are going to leave your friend. He asks if I’m leaving. She said yes. She gives him flowers. He says wow Lily is my favorite thank you I can’t stand it it’s not allowed but it means a lot you got it. She says ok, so I’ll keep this as a parting gift, you didn’t think before giving me a big responsibility. She says that I have thought many times and seen your face every time, I want to say that no post is eligible for this post, I think I should go now. She takes his hand and stops him.

He asks what happened. She says I don’t know, my heart is tight, I’m getting nervous. She says fine, she’ll be fine in a few hours, I should go now, good luck with everything. He’s leaving.

It’s morning, Chandru sings. Golu orders samosas. Anu descends. Chandru asks if Gungun came. Anu says no, that he went to the airport to drop off Armaan. Golu is right. Sunanda says to call her and ask her if she has the bus. Anu says that she went by taxi. Gungun is on his way. He receives a call from Anu. Anu asks where you are. She says I’m going back home. He asks if you are crying. He says I got a little emotional. He says come home, then we’ll talk. He says that she is coming, check this app, we can see the location of the taxi. Sunanda says it’s fine. Anu thinks Gungun was crying for Armaan, are they that close?

After two years, the family seems happy. Chhavi got the gold medal. Golu gets a promotion. Yug and Neeti’s son is seen as the new member of the family. They think of the child’s name. Yug says that we will name the child whatever Charu wants. Neeti says that we will name the child Divya. Charu blessed him.

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