Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se 24 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun and Anu’s ice cream date

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se 24 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun and Anu’s ice cream date

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se 24 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun and Anu’s ice cream date

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se 24 March 2022 Written Episode Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Episode starts with Gungan calling Anu. Neeti asks him to answer the call. He takes the call. Gungun asks which is your favorite ice cream flavour. He asks did you call to ask this. Argument. He asks why do you want to ask don’t let anyone in the party serve that taste. She disconnects. He says that she is a strange girl. Niti says you are weird. Gungun says I am going to meet someone. She left. Anu drinks milk. Gungun calls her again. He answers. She says there is a big mouse in your room, come out in balcony. He jokes. She says I laughed, come out. He asks why. She says just come. He comes out in the balcony and asks what is it now. She says jump down. He asks what. She says look down. He sees her and asks what are you doing here. She jokes. She asks him to come down or she will come up. He says I am coming. He goes to her. She brings him ice cream. He says I didn’t know that you sell ice cream at night. She says I didn’t know you are a duh, I got this for you. That says a lot to me. She says you didn’t tell me your favorite flavour, so I got all. He says you brought ice cream for me, you need permission from your father. She says no, I need time to talk about your mother.

They go somewhere and talk while eating ice cream. He says you have problems when your mom loves you. She says I am confused. He asks why are you telling me this. She says you can clean it. He says I am a scientist, not a counselor. She says you will have brain to solve this, should I give chance to my mother or not. He asks will you ask me and decide, it should be your decision. She says I am not able to decide, Garima is in Maya’s side, don’t know how dad will react, you are left, you tell me, do you think my mom is really changed. He says I don’t know, I thought she is making a drama, you said her behavior has changed, maybe she has changed, she was talking about luxury, she was probably really worried for you, This insulted us. She asks the truth. She says she is selfish for you, when I go out for two days, my mother and Badima cry. She says maybe happily, continue. He says you stay away from your mother, I have everything, your mother had none, she must have missed you. She says I think you are right, she cried when I called her mother, I also cried. She cries. He gives her a handkerchief. He says illusion is always in the mind, not in the heart, always listen to your heart, it will never mislead you. She looks at him and says change the glasses frame, you look like uncle. She laughs. He says you were going to give me hair band. She says yes, but… he says but you kept. She says it is very boring, the maid also refused to take it and asked me to throw it, I thought wear it a few times and then throw it. they smile. She leaves him at home.

She thanks him. He asks how did you change so quickly. She says I bribed you with ice cream. He says you think I came for ice cream, I came because…. Flowers fall on them. They get surprised. Golu and the gang throw flowers at them and sing marriage mantras. Grumpy smiles. Anu asks what was it. They say feelings. Neeti asks how was your date. Gungun says ice cream date, will you all eat it. They all come down. Gungun gets ice cream. She says I kept it in ice box, I didn’t know which flavor she likes so I got it. Ankit says very sweet. Yug says that Gungun thinks a lot about Anu. Golu says that Hanuman got the mountain for Rama when he did not know the herb. Khushi says just like that, Gungun got all the ice cream. Gungun says thanks, he says I had bribed him for his advice. Golu asks did you take his advice. Ankit says you took his crazy advice. lukewarm jokes. They all have ice cream. Anu says I already had. Gungun asks are you diabetic, are you a singer. He refused. She says eat it. They smile seeing Ankit and Khushi. Gungun comes home. He remembers Anu’s words. Maya says I have made your favorite paranthas. Gungun asks do you really love me, you have changed. Ridesh and Garima come. Gungun says I don’t understand human psychology, just give me a clear answer. Maya says keep your illusions away and eat parathas. She feeds it to Gungun. Gungun cries and hugs Maya. Riddhesh says that he has got his mother’s love. Maya thinks I will love Gungun a lot, she will not need that family’s love.

Maya and Garima choose the theme of the party. Maya says everything should be as Gungun likes. The chanting comes. Maya asks do you have panna subject. Gungun asks how do you know that Panna is my favourite. Maya says I know everything, I am your social media follower too, I know your likes and dislikes. Grumpy smiles. Maya asks the designer to design Gungun’s clothes. Designers say perfect, you can carry anything. Maya tells the man to stay away and take measurements. The man asks Gungun to turn left. Designers say that our eyes are the measuring tape. Maya says Gungun, you choose suit for Anu. The designer asks how will we make a suit for him without seeing him. Maya says seeing the picture. Gungun says he will not come, he is mad, he does not like to take gifts from in-laws. Maya says if he wears anything which does not match with the theme, then make a suit, if his clothes do not match with the theme then we will ask him to change.

Garima says Aakriti did not reply. Maya calls out to Aakriti. She invites Aakriti to the party. Akriti says that Oscar winning acting. Akriti disconnects. Garima says she takes out anger on everyone associated with me, Aakriti slaps Gungun. Maya asks did she slap Gungun.

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