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Episode starts with Divya asking Golu not to joke. He says it actually happened, I am not kidding. Everyone cries. She says it is huge amount, how did you become so careless. Anu says you had keys. Golu says I always have keys, when I kept money, I don’t remember whether I took keys or not, today cash was missing. Chandru asks how will we arrange so much money. Chhavi asks will dad go to jail. Charu says it is a huge amount. Anu says not more than our courage, don’t panic, nothing will happen, what did the manager say. Golu says he didn’t complain to police, if we don’t return the money or catch the real thief then…

Charu holds Golu. Golu says forgive me. Sunanda says she did mistake. Yug says don’t worry, we are all with you. Goli says we all will give money to your bank, we will sell jewelry and break FD, we will not let you go to jail. Everyone pacifies Golu. Goli says we all will fight for you. Golu cries. Charu says yes, you are not alone. Anu says no one is alone in the family. Ankit says I can arrange ten lakhs. Golu says no, how can we take money from you. Ankit says let me help. Chandru asks do you suspect anyone in the bank. Golu says no. Anu says we have to arrange money to save Golu, police will find the thief. He asks Charu to cancel their marriage first. Golu and Sunanda ask why. Anu says we will save that money and use it here. Charu says she is right, I will call Riddhesh and tell him that we cannot keep marriage now. The guests praise Anu and say that Gungun is lucky. Gungun thinks I am bad luck. The ladies ask Gungun about Anu. Gungun says he is mad. Garima says he means she is mad for him, he loves her so much, he is caring. Charu calls Riddhesh and says a problem has arisen, we cannot marry Anu and Gungun. Riddhesh asks what. Charu says sorry, we have to cancel the marriage. Riddhesh asks why, Anu said something. Charu says no, I cannot tell you, I am really ashamed for that. He cries. Gungun asks what happened.

Chandru says I have pacified Golu. Charu says we have to make arrangements for 82 lakhs. Goli says I can take 10 lakh personal loan. Chandru also tells me. Divya gives her jewelery to sell. Everyone cries. Charu returns the jewelery and says I am not so shameless for selling daughter-in-law’s jewellery. Sunanda says that in such times, jewelery is not just to be worn but to be used. Goli says sell the jewelry you had kept for my wedding. Charu asks how will we arrange the total amount, we will sell this house, family comes first. They all cry. Chandru says it will not be sold so soon. Goli says we can mortgage it and take loan. Charu says we don’t have time. Chandru asks will we talk to Riddhesh. Charu asks do you want me to beg or loot. Chandru says no, they will have rich friends, they can give us 50 lakh loan. Sargam says his idea is good. Charu says when the bonds of love talk about money, the deal becomes, first loses respect, our family’s biggest asset is our honour, I can die but can’t lose respect. Riddhesh and Gungun come there. Charu calls you here. Riddhesh says sorry, I don’t understand what you want to say, what happened, why did you decide to cancel the marriage. FB shows Riddhesh asking Gungun what did you do. He scolds her. Garima calms her down.

He asks what did you do that they canceled this marriage. Gungun asks what exactly. She laughs. He says you have understanding or not. She says they canceled the marriage, not me, I don’t know anything, they will get to know this. FB finished. Riddhesh says I am sorry for its muttering mistake. Chandru says no. She says look, I didn’t do anything, Papa scolded me a lot, what happened. Goli asks him to go to Golu’s room. Gungun says I know why Goli is asking me to go upstairs, you all don’t want me to know the reason, I think it is my marriage, it is my right to know the reason, if Goli says. If it is, then I will go because she is also my aunt. Golu is with everyone. He gets sad. Anu and Yug say nothing will happen. Golu cries. He says I am worried about losing the honor of the family, what else does a middle class family have. Anu says family is there to support in trouble, you will not go to jail. Golu says sorry, because of me we had to cancel your marriage. He slaps himself. Anu and Yug stop him. Golu says it was better that I did not come back home and jump in some river. Everyone calms him down. Golu says if someone calls my family thief’s family, then I can’t listen. Anu says we still have time, think well, who can do this in your office. Golu says I don’t understand, it is my fault, how can I blame anyone. They are shocked to see the muttering at the door.

Golu throws his bank ID card. Gumgun chooses it. Riddhesh says they are not telling us the reason for this. Gungun says the reason is big.

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