Kabhi Ittefaq Se actor Manan Joshi aka Anubhav is called “Bigamist of the Year”

Kabhi Ittefaq Se actor Manan Joshi aka Anubhav is called “Bigamist of the Year”

Kabhi Ittefaq Se actor Manan Joshi aka Anubhav is called “Bigamist of the Year”

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se fame Manan Joshi, who is known for playing the role of Anubhav in the show, was recently trolled on social media for marrying two women. In the show, Manan’s character Anubhav is portrayed as a cultured person who upholds traditional values. However, he becomes intimate with Gungun (essayed by Yash Rughani) in the hospital despite marrying Aakriti (essayed by Rhea Bhattacharjee).

Viewers were stunned to see Anubhav romancing Gungun and as a result Manan faced some major trolling. Fans not only took to social media to ridicule the scene but also called him the ‘Bigamist of the Year’.

Now in an interview with ETimes TV, Manan reacted to the trolling and being called the Bigamist of the Year. He said, “There were some really funny memes that I read and laughed a lot. I wanted to share them but I grabbed them otherwise I would have shared them. I was not surprised, somewhere I was hoping that There will be questions. From Manan’s point of view I was feeling what the fans are going through. Having said that, the memes were really funny. But if you look at it from the perspective of Anubhav’s character marrying two girls. It is because he has not been able to express himself in front of the family members. Also, he is someone who has not expressed his feelings even to himself. For the experience is that if you love someone then you can do anything. and do everything possible. That’s exactly what happened to him. He loves Gungun so much that he has gone out of his way and learned something about himself during the whole process. He is now from the family is tied up and his family has forced him to live with a girl.”

He further shared, “Also, the writers have shown Anubhav onscreen that he has been with Gungun and they have been intimate and none of that has happened with Aakriti. He has always kept his distance from the figure. In fact, whenever he has tried to get close to the experience, he has always let it stay away from him in a very respectful manner. He never had a relationship like this. He may have been confused about the fact that he has been married to two women, but he is whole-hearted with one and simply tied to the situation with the other. ,

When asked about his reaction to being called ‘Bigamist of the Year’, he said, “I certainly wouldn’t laugh at the comments just because my fans feel that way about the character. But Bigamist is a situation where you have It is the crime of legally marrying two women. In the case of Anubhav and Gungun it is their souls that are connected. And there is a relationship that is established by law with the figure. Bigamist is something when you two are married to women in all its sense and you are committing that crime intentionally.It is when that man has wrong intentions but experience here no motive, he doesn’t want to commit any kind of crime , He is just listening to his heart and trying not to do anything wrong with Aakriti.. I think it should be fair to the experience. I think fans should be aware of this aspect of the story Should be how the experience feels.”

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