Jai Kanhaiya Lal’s 10th March 2022 written episode, written update on TeleUpdates.com

Kanha feels that Bakasura will either have to stop this game or end himself. Let’s see who will finish whom, says Bakasura, breaks the rope and flies away. Balarama tells Kanha that Bakasura has run away. Kanha says Bakasura will return with the motto of destruction. Kansa eagerly waits for Bakasura. His detective tells him that he saw Bakasura playing with Gokul’s children. Bakasura flies away. Kansa threatened to kill him if he failed to capture the magical child Krishna. Bakasura says that he doesn’t want to die before killing his sister Putna’s killer. Kansa asks him to bring the magical child alive. Bakasura requests if he can kill the child and bring him to her. Kansa asks if he can do this and gives him permission. Bakasura flies away.

Balaram’s team searches for Crane/Bakasur. Bakasura returns. Balram informs Kanha. Bakasura turns into his demonic form and troubles Balarama’s team. They all panic. Bakasura then picks up Kanha and flies away. The kids get worried for him. Balarama asked Kanha to kill Bakasura. Kanha says not in front of everyone. Balaram tells his friends to calm down.

Kanha thinks that he will play Holi this time when Bakasura kills the magical child and gives him a good news. Bakasura threw Kanha on the ground and threatened to kill him. Kanha smiles Bakasura asks why is he smiling. Kanha says he will find out soon. Bakasura tries to attack him, but his weapon goes missing. Kanha shrugs her. Bakasura tries to get back his demonic form but fails again and again. Kanha disappears and plays hide and seek with her. Bakasura gets tired. Kanha says that he will finish Bakasura and asks for Garuda’s help. Garuda comes out and greets Kanha/Narayan.

Bakasura thinks that he never thought that a small child could defeat him. Kanha rides Garuda. Bakasura is stunned to see this. Kanha thinks that if he lets Bakasura go, he will tell Kansa about him. Kansa does not spy on Kanha and runs to inform him. Kanha says that the time has come to punish Bakasura, throws Bakasura on the earth, and tells him that the time has come to set him free. He broke Bakasura’s beak and killed him. His friends search him. Balaram asks where is he. Kanha returned. They all are happy to see him. Kansa’s spy informed him that the magical child was flying on a bird in the sky and was chasing Bakasura. Kansa says that a small child cannot do this. Another detective told that Bakasura was dead. Kansa breaks things in anger.

Precap: Kanha’s voice wakes up Kansa and tells him that he will play this year’s Holi with him.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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