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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki Update of June 30, 2022 Written Episode: Kanha reveals his divine powers in front of Vrindavan Vasi

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki Jun 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Yashoda asking Kanha if he didn’t hear her calling him or ignoring her quips. Kanha says I can’t ignore you, I know you were with me. Yashoda hears him and is surprised. Radha says you can hear your kanha. Kanha says yes you can hear me. Yashoda says how can I hear you and asks Balram if he can hear Kanha speak. Balram says yes, I can hear him. Yashoda asks how? You are as small as you can speak. Kanha says I always talk to you but you couldn’t listen. He says that when you took my eyesight, I obligated you to take Dao’s eyesight. He reminds her that he had shown the universe in his mouth. Yashoda remembers the incidents. Kanha says you understood my words even though you didn’t hear me. Yashoda asks what the Leela is, I can hear you. Kanha asks her to trust him and asks if you remember that the people of Vrindavan asked you if you know everything about me. Yashoda says I remember. Kanha says we must go to the base of the mountain first. Nand, Kirtida, Vrishbhan, Rohini, Madhumangal and Sudama go there. Nand asks Yashoda to take the children and come. Kanha says we have to go down. Nand says no kanha. He realizes he heard him. Yashoda says this is Kanha’s voice. Balram says I will explain, but we have less time, we must go to the base of the mountain. Vrishbhan says how we will persuade others. Kanha says they will come and asks them to come. He holds Radha’s hand and goes downstairs. Residents pray to Narayan. Kanha asks her to come to the foot of the mountain. You think who we heard? You see kanha and he says I’m your kanha. They say Kanha is small as we can hear him. Kanha asks them to trust their Kanha to speak to them. He says you are not safe in the cave, you can meet me and others when you come down. They refuse and say it could be our illusion. Kanha tells about the incidents and asks if all these things were your illusion when you saw me on Bhootna, dancing on Kaliya etc. He says all the troubles that came over you were your fault, so it’s my duty to keep you safe. He says I will solve this problem as well and wants you all to witness the incident that will happen. He asks her not to be afraid and come down the mountain. They agree and go downstairs.

All devtas fold their hands towards kanha. Devraj Indian asks what are they doing? Narad says we can hear Prabhu? Devraj Inder asks what is surprising about that? Vayuraj says even the residents could have heard him. Devraj inder asks how they can hear. Narad says if someone is selfish they can hear and see Narayan’s Leela.

Akroor is waiting near the mountain and sees them coming down. He wonders what is happening. Kanha challenges everyone to circle the mountain. Akroor hears him too and thinks how can he hear the little boy. The soldiers ask why they are circling the mountain. Kanha asks Radha to support him. She asks what to do? Kanha says we must lift this Govardhan mountain. Kirtida asks if you’ve talked about raising that mountain. Soldier asks if they’ve gone insane? Kanha says everyone will hear me or see these Leela who are my devotees and who will be my devotees in the future. Devraj Inder is considering increasing rainfall. He fires at the mountain. Kanha stops his arrow. Devraj Inder could not see what happened. He says I couldn’t see. Soldiers couldn’t see either, because that’s where the light fell. They ask should we attack? Akroor says no and considers how I can see if I will be his devotee in the future. The resident asks how we can raise the giant mountain Govardhan. Kanha says you will lift it with the confidence you all have for me. They all hold hands on the mountain to lift it up. Kanha holds his hand at the foot of the mountain. Everyone is surprised to see Kanha lift the mountain onto his little finger. Kanha laughs. Everyone stands with the mountain over their heads. All devtas fold their hands. Mahadev says this is the Leela where my Aaradhya saves his Vrindavan dwellers, says Yashoda, and Nand Baba’s son has lifted Govardhan mountain on his little finger. Akroor drops his sword and folds his hand. He says others cannot see his divinity and says I have wronged you and tried to harm you but you chose me to see that divinity, I don’t deserve it. He promises to be his follower forever. Kanha says if you become my bhakt I will guide you.

Prelude: Yashoda asks Kanha who is he? Kanha says I am a mother’s call, hope of love, friend of friends and says I am Jag Palanhar, myself am Narayan. He gives them darshan in Narayan’s avatar. Yashoda, Nand and others fold their hands in front of Narayan.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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