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Episode starts with Balram to Kanha, how will everyone find Bakasura? Kanha says Bakasura is in my captivity. Bakasura says how to get it out of here. Kanha says I will give you chance. Nanda and others come to the river and wonder where did he go? Bakasura thinks of returning to Krishna and tries again. He comes in his true avatar. Kanha frees him. Yashoda says we will go to the forest and search her. Then she sees Bakasura there and calls him. Nanda says you are here, kids said you disappeared here. Bakasura thinks that I had gone to see something in the forest and forgot the way. Yashoda says how can you leave the children alone and go. Rohini says that the kids are naughty, and thanks God for their safety. Nand says we will go home.

Kansa wonders why Bakasura has not come with Krishna till now. Akrura informs Kansa about his wandering in Bakasura’s forest. Kansa hopes that Bakasura will revive Krishna. Bakasura tells Nanda that he will leave. Nand asks her to stay there tonight. Bakasura thanks them and thinks that this is what he wanted. Nanda asks Yashoda to make arrangements for their stay. Yashoda leaves. Kanha comes out. Bakasura looks at him.

Kanha says what are you saying Bakasura? You have promised Mama Kansa that you will take me there alive, but since you thought of doing wrong, see how I change the whole game. Akrura comes to Kansa and tells that an informer has reported that Bakasura has got a chance to stay at Krishna’s house today, and will bring Krishna here as soon as he gets a chance. Kansa says tonight will be an important day for me, if it is true.

Yashoda asked Bakasura if the food was delicious. Bakasura says it was delicious. Yashoda thanks him and asks him to take rest. Bakasura pretends to be in sleep. Nand says it seems kids have made you very tired today. Bakasura remembers everything and tells that he is tired, but he got a chance to spend time with the kids, looks like he will sleep well today. Nand says I will take you to room. Bakasura says I will sleep outside in Gaushala. Nanda says when we have room for guest, why will you sleep here? Bakasura thinks how to tell her that they have to sleep outside. Nand says we cannot let you sleep outside. Bakasura thinks of coming out after everyone is asleep.

Kanha plays with Balram and Madhu. Yashoda asked them to drink milk and sleep. They take the glass and drink the milk. Balaram secured the first position. Yashoda praised him. Balaram says I am going to sleep. Kanha says we will sleep with Bakasura and asks him to tell Maiya. Balaram asks will it be safe for us. Kanha asks him to say it. Balaram says play sports in the morning, and let everyone sleep. Kanha insists. Balaram asks can we sleep with guest tonight. Yashoda asks why? Balaram says he has promised to tell us a story. Yashoda refused. Balarama insists. Nanda says let the kids go. Yashoda says fine, and asks them to leave.

Subal and Sudama come to Nanda’s house. They ask each other, what are they doing here? They tell each other about the dreaded dream they had. Vrinda comes there and tells them about having a scary dream. She says I have come here in fear. Subal says how to find them. Just then they see Balram, Kanha and Madhu coming out of the house. Madhu asks what are they doing there? They tell of having nightmares and so join their team. Balarama understands why he came. Kanha says let’s start the game.

Bakasura thinks that I cannot sleep till everyone is asleep. If I fail, Kansa will kill me. He says no one can see me in my real avatar. He thinks everyone is asleep by now, I will go out and sleep in my real avatar. He opens the door and sees Kanha and the kids standing. He asks what are you all doing here? Balarama asked him to narrate the story. Bakasura says I have no story to tell you today and asks them to sleep here, says he will go out and sleep. Balram asks Kanha how to stop him. Kanha says we will massage his feet. Balaram tells his team. Subal and Sudama offer to massage her feet so that she can sleep peacefully. They ask for a chance. Bakasura thinks what to tell them. Balram says I know he will refuse, but we will take care of him. Bakasura feels trapped. Balarama asked him to sit.

Madhu starts massaging her feet. Bakasura thinks it is pleasant. Kanha gives Madhu a quick massage. Bakasura feels pain. Kanha and Balram laugh. Bakasura says my fatigue is gone. Balarama asks Madhu to massage her well. Kanha thinks you can’t even imagine what my team will do to you.

Precap: Bakasura thinks of burning down the entire Vrindavan, and spits fire to burn the place. Kanha says now your death is certain.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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