jai kanhaiya lal ki 21 april 2022 written episode update

jai kanhaiya lal ki 21 april 2022 written episode update

jai kanhaiya lal ki 21 april 2022 written episode update

Jai Kanhaiya Lal’s 21st April 2022 written episode, written update on TeleUpdates.com

The episode begins with Rohini fearing that if they fail to give her another 500 coins, Kansa will snatch the Talwan from them. Nanda says that he should trust Narayan. Villagers say that Mukhiya ji is right as Narayan helped him collect 500 coins earlier. Balram tells Kanha that he should know that everything happened because of him. The villagers say that Narayan will show them some way. The soldier returns and tells Nanda that Kansa is happy to get 500 coins and presented his favorite ring. The Nanda accept this fearing for the lives of the citizens of Vrindavan. Yashoda says it will bring inauspicious for them.

Nand says that he will collect this ring which helped him to get 500 coins. The kids say that they feel that Kanha helped them, so he deserves Kanha’s ring. Nand agrees. Yashoda protested and said that Kanha would not take this ring. Nanda says that he will bury this ring underground and take it out if needed. Children dig the ground and Nand bury the ring. Yashoda sows a sapling on top of it.

Sudama asked Balarama if he was not convinced that Kanha had done the magic and not the Lord. Balram says no and asks Kanha to handle the situation. Vrinda asks Kanha to admit that she did magic and helped them. Kanha asks Balarama to handle them or else the gods will get angry. Balarama says that all the gods help him, so he should praise the gods. He chants the words Ambe Mata Ki, Har Har Mahadev, Indradev. They all stand silent while Kanha Jai ​​says that the kids say that they don’t believe in gods anymore. The gods are jealous of Kanha and complain to Mahadev and Goddess Gauri that the children are only praying to Kanha and not her. Mahadev asks Kanha why he is making other gods angry.

Balarama tells Kanha that all the gods including Mahadev are angry with him. Kanha says that she is worried for Ganesha now. Introduced Ganesha. He goes to his parents and asks Mahadev what their adorable Krishna is doing. Mahadev says that he cannot say anything and only Ganesha can do as he is also in Baal/Baal avatar like Kanha. Ganesh decides to meet Kanha. Mahadev thinks that his son is going to meet Kanha. Kanha takes Balaram to Talavan to meet Ganesha. Ganesha congratulates her and confronts and challenges her to create disrespect for other gods in the minds of the children. Goddess Gauri tells Mahadev that her brother knows how to get out of any situation easily. Mahadev says let’s see what Kanha does as he is facing Ganesh this time.

Yashoda gave laddu prasad to Kanha. Balram asks Kanha what is his next plan. Kanha asks him to assemble his team and revive his faith in God again. Balaram assembles the team and tries to convince them that the gods exist. They say that they have not seen the deities at all and do not know if they really exist, especially Ganesha. Hearing this, Ganesha gets furious and decides to go to Vrindavan.

Precap: Visits Vrindavan and decides to show his Leela. Kanha says that Ganesh will either be in his team or his opponent.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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