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The episode begins with Jagannath offering prayers at the temple. The pundit scolds someone for not having a pure heart. They all see. Purvi asks Jagannath to come. He says you were telling the truth, I have trusted God today and got a way, go to Kusum’s house, he will need you. He asks Kashi to come with him, he has a small task, he has to remove the odd person from his life. East is with safflower. Deepa brings food for Kusum. She says you misunderstood, I thought it is a matter of few days, we will be together once Alok’s business is set. She cries. She says I trusted Alok. Kusum cries. Alok justifies himself. Kusum scolds him for lying. He says I have sold the factory for 40 lakhs, Gunjan has FD of 15 lakhs, I will arrange the money and vacate the house. Kusum asks him to get the papers, does he want to buy his old parents, he cheated and lied to them. She says I am ashamed of myself, what happened to both of you. Alok and Deepa cry and apologize to him. Everyone cries. Kusum asks how should I forgive you, both of you did a big mistake. Jagannath comes home with the police. Kashi asks what happened, are you fine. Jagannath says I went to police station and lodged complaint against Tripathi, Isha has to give statement. He asks her if she will be scared. She says I promise that I am with you. He says fight will go on long, you need guts, Tripathi can do anything wrong, danger has increased, Deepa can go to Delhi with Isha if she wants but she has to come back for statement. Deepa says I will not go anywhere, this is my house too, I will not leave you both, I will not let anyone else snatch this house. Alok says I am also with you. Jagannath stops him. He says that I have lodged another complaint with the police against Alok for cheating and forgery. They all get worried.

Kusum says you complain about your son. Deepa says Alok is your son. Kusum says Alok is crying for a long time, he has sold his factory, check these papers, he gave money, he says he will not let this house sell. He says he fabricated my signs, you know the punishment for this. Kusum says I don’t know, parents forgive big faults of kids. He says maybe some parents do, but my theories don’t allow me to. She asks are the principles smaller than your kids. He says that he should have thought carefully before signing mine. He scolds Alok. Kusum says join hands… Alok says leave, don’t join hands for me, she is sympathetic towards others, she is strict towards her children, if I do a mistake I will face punishment, he is my father, I am theirs. I respect, tell me what will happen next. Jagannath said arrest. Gunjan and Kusum cries.

He asks Kashi to call the inspector. goes to Kashi. Police comes. Gunjan says no. Alok taunts Jagannath. He goes with the police. Gunjan shook hands. Jagannath says you are thinking that I am so stone hearted, I did nothing wrong. He cries and goes to his room. He looks for a way to get home. Purvi says you arrested Alok. Kashi asks how does she get so much courage, will Kusum always obey you. Jagannath asks where is Kusum. Kusum cries. Deepa and Gunjan console him. Gunjan says my father talked to a lawyer, I will throw Alok out. Jagannath comes and hears this. He says that no one will give bail to Alok. He asks what do you want Kusum. She says let me return my son, bring him now.

Jagannath asks where is Kusum. Kusum brings Alok home. He gets angry and says I told you, no one will get his bail. Kusum says Alok will stay here.

Update Credits: Amena

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