International Yoga Day 2021 Celebrate 20,000 people who have done yoga in Agra

Newsroom, Amar Ujala, Agra Published by: Abhishek Saxena Updated June 21, 2021 9:54 AM EST

On International Yoga Day, people practiced yoga in parks across the city on Monday. Krida Bharti Sanstha organized online yoga. Claims to have done live yoga for about 20,000 people through city parks and Facebook. At the same time, asanas were given to two dozen yogacharyas associated with the institution and their meaning was also explained. On the occasion of Yoga Day, students of the National Service Scheme (NSS) of the Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University Yoga. Yogacharya RK Sharma did the practice of Bhramari, Nadi Shodhana Pranayama with Gomukhasana, Ardha-Halasana. Also tell about its advantages. NSS program coordinator Dr. Ramveer Singh Chouhan recognized the energy and dedication of the volunteers and program officers who attended the training.


( News Source – Amar Ujala )

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