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Indian Govt to Push for Common Charger for all Devices

The Indian government is pushing for a common charger to be adopted for all devices. There are various devices that consumers have today, and some of them have different types of chargers or charging ports, so consumers need to carry multiple chargers for their devices. Especially in the case of iPhones that come with a Lightning port and all other Android smartphones with a USB Type-C port. According to a PTI report, the government called a meeting of industry stakeholders on August 17, 2022 to discuss the issue of different chargers for electronic devices.

There is also a lot of electronic waste due to the need for different chargers. In the European and US markets, companies have already been asked to deliver a standard charging solution for portable electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. Apple will have to ditch its Lightning port in Europe, as the EU (European Union) has already asked the company to provide a standard USB Type-C port on its iPhones for charging. There is also a similar demand in the US market.

So there is a need for India to also push for the same. Otherwise, what would happen is that companies like Apple would get rid of all non-standard charging devices in India. That would be bad for the long-term value of the devices and would also lead to increased e-waste. At this time, many companies have made it the norm that their consumers purchase the charger separately. This should not always be the case, as one charger should be enough to charge most portable devices. Hopefully, Apple can also deliver iPhones with USB Type-C in India. Samsung and other major tech vendors already include Type-C charging ports on their devices for the Indian market.

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