India again at the United Nations over Russia-Ukraine conflict: Why is it different this time?

India again at the United Nations over Russia-Ukraine conflict: Why is it different this time?

India again at the United Nations over Russia-Ukraine conflict: Why is it different this time?

New Delhi: India on Wednesday refrained from voting in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on a resolution prepared by Russia on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. Only two countries voted in support of the resolution so it failed to pass at the UNSC.
The draft resolution demands that “citizens including humanitarian personnel and persons in vulnerable situations including women and children are fully protected, fighting for dialogue to enable the safe, rapid, voluntary and uninterrupted evacuation of civilians”. A pause is sought, and the need for the parties concerned to agree to a humanitarian pause to this end is underlined.”
India, along with 12 other council members, remained absent on the resolution. There were no countries that voted against the resolution.
This is the fifth time that India has not participated in the UN resolution on Ukraine, but this time it is unlike previous occasions. Here’s how it differs:
Russia’s resolution
It was a Russian-sponsored resolution in the UN Security Council that made no reference to its invasion of Ukraine. The resolution acknowledged Ukraine’s growing humanitarian needs, but did not mention the Russian aggression that led to the growing crisis.
The Russian resolution called on all parties concerned to allow safe and unhindered passage without discrimination to destinations outside Ukraine, including foreign nationals, and with particular regard to humanitarian assistance to those in need in and around Ukraine. Facilitated secure and uninterrupted access. The needs of women, girls, men and boys, older persons and persons with disabilities.
The resolution on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, co-sponsored by Belarus, North Korea and Syria, also failed without a veto as it received only the votes of Russia and China.
Russia’s UN ambassador, Vasily Nebenzia, told the council before the vote that its resolution was “not politicised,” like other Security Council humanitarian resolutions, and that he explicitly rejected a US claim that his country should There is no right to submit such a proposal.
US Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield responded that Russia was “attempting to use this council to provide cover for its brutal actions.” “It is virtually unconscionable that Russia would have the audacity to ask the international community to present a resolution to solve a humanitarian crisis that Russia alone had created,” Linda said.
India with America and its allies
Deputy Permanent Representative R Ravindra headed India in the council, where he raised his hand to register an absence, but did not speak on the motion or explain the decision to stay away from India as before.
Contrary to previous stances with regard to Ukraine, this is the first time that India has sided with the West, even if only through a stance.
Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla, who was in New York and who spoke at the Council on Relations with the Arab League on Wednesday, was absent during the Russian resolution.
India had earlier not participated in the council on two procedural votes relating to Ukraine and a resolution condemning the Moscow invasion vetoed by Russia.
China’s support for the resolution
Of the 15 members of the UN Security Council, 13 voted against the Russian resolution. China was the only country to support it in the council.
Explaining his country’s vote in favor of the Russian proposal, Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun said that the council members should focus on humanitarian issues, “transcend political differences” and strive to reach consensus and “The humanitarian crisis must be answered in a positive, pragmatic and constructive manner.” But French ambassador Nicolas de Rivire called the proposal “a maneuver from Moscow to justify its aggression against Ukraine.”
While Albanian envoy Ferrit Hoxha called the proposal a “mountain of hypocrisy”, Mexican ambassador Juan Ramón de la Fuente said the Russian draft did not respond to the “reality on the ground” or “the pressing needs of the civilian population”.
Like India, China also avoided two concrete proposals on Ukraine.
The Russian defeat occurred on the same day that the General Assembly began to consider a resolution drafted by Ukraine and two dozen other countries and co-sponsored by nearly 100 countries that explicitly states that Russia’s aggression is a growing humanitarian emergency. is responsible for.
Russia has denounced the proposal as “anti-Russian” and accuses its supporters of not being genuinely concerned about the humanitarian situation on the ground, saying they want to politicize aid.

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