For the second time in as many days, India has skipped a UN Security Council resolution – that is to call a rare emergency special session of the 193-member UN General Assembly – on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations TS Tirumirti said, “It is regrettable that the situation in Ukraine has worsened… We reiterate our call for an immediate end to violence and an end to all hostilities.”
While a UNSC resolution condemning Russia’s invasion would have been legally binding, the UNGA resolutions are not and a vote in the 193-member UN body (as of now when the report was last received) embodies world opinion on the crisis. However, it would escalate politically, and the session began with Russia standing almost aloof as most countries attacked Moscow. agencies
The US and allies see the action at the United Nations as an opportunity to show that Russia is isolated because of the invasion of Ukraine.
Diplomats said on Monday that the draft resolution already has at least 80 co-sponsors. More than 100 countries have to speak before the General Assembly votes. France’s UN ambassador Nicolas de Rivire said: “No one can take their eyes off, dieting is not an option.”
At the UNGA, Russia and Ukraine clashed with Kyiv and demanded from the UN body that Moscow cease its offensive against it, and Moscow insisted that it did not begin hostilities but was seeking an end to the war. Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN, Sergei Kislitsya, said: “If Ukraine does not survive, the United Nations will not survive… We cannot be surprised if democracy fails.” “If he (Putin) wants to kill himself, he doesn’t have to use the nuclear arsenal, he’ll have to do what the man in Berlin did in the bunker in 1945,” Kyslytsya cited Adolf Hitler’s suicide Giving it to the General Assembly.
Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzia said “the root of the current crisis” lies in Ukraine’s actions. “Ukraine launched hostilities against its own residents, the residents of the Donbass and all those who are dissatisfied. Russia is seeking an end to this war.”
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Sunday described Putin’s decision to put Russia’s nuclear deterrent on high alert as a “chilling development”, telling the General Assembly that a nuclear conflict is “unthinkable”.
Meanwhile, at the UNSC, voting on Sunday was almost on the same lines as it did on Friday, with India, China and the UAE also abstaining, Russia voting (technically, it could not use its veto) and 11 UNSCs. The members voted in favor. Voting for the UNGA session was procedural so none of the five permanent members of the Council – China, France, Russia, Britain and the US – could exercise their veto.

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