In Romania, Indian students found love in times of war

In Romania, Indian students found love in times of war

In Romania, Indian students found love in times of war

Bhopal: Hundreds of Indian students who returned from Ukraine have expressed their deep gratitude to the Romanians and now wish to donate to the shelters that sheltered them during their worst days. These shelters are run by local families. He was overwhelmed by the love and care he received from students who were hungry, exhausted and, in many cases, afflicted by Romanians. Now they want to give back – not repayment but remembrance.
“The worst we saw was when we crossed the border with Ukraine. My faith in others was almost destroyed. It was a terrible time. However, the kindness of the Romanian people restored my faith in humanity. Locals put up stalls of food, shoes and other items for each student coming from Ukraine,” said Nikhil Kumar, a fourth-year student at Ternopil Medical University.
He had to stay in the shelter for three days. “It was like salve. He made us feel cared and comfortable,” said Nikhil, “I want to do something. Not only me, but most of us who were blessed with Romanian hospitality, want to do something for those people.” We will collect money and send it to them as a token of gratitude. We cannot repay them for what they did for us, it is just a way of saying that we will never forget it.
The students recall how Romanian families used to visit them in shelters, smiling, and asking if they needed anything. “Don’t worry, we’re your family here,” he’d say. Abhas Parihar, a Class V medical student who arrived at his home in Bhopal on Friday, can’t stop talking about the Romanian warmth. “He has set an example of helping foreigners in such dire circumstances,” he said. Abhas’ mother Sunita Parihar said, “I will never forget that there was someone to look after my son in another part of the world.”
Medical student Sanskar Verma recalled that most of the students were hungry from the days when they crossed over. Some got injured. “But we felt like home in Romania. The local population has proved that humanity is the best thing on earth. Our families have also spoken to them and they are happy,” Sanskar said.

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