Improve your vocabulary: Learn a new word today to ace your exam. competitive exams


Are you making ready for GRE, IELTS, TOEFL and different competitive exams? Candidates showing for competitive examinations are anticipated to have wisdom of a wide variety of terminology as this may occasionally lend a hand them maximize their verbal and communique ratings.

Do you wish to have to beef up your vocabulary? Here’s a approach to beef up your word energy (Shutterstock)

Here are 4 phrases of the day that applicants want to know to get ready for his or her competitive exams. Look on the phrases and take a look at to use them in sentences.

Assuage (verb)

Meaning: to make (an uncongenial feeling) much less intense

Example: It gave the impression of I could not do anything else to ease her disappointment.

2. pupil (adjective)

Meaning: having or showing nice wisdom or knowledge

Example: He was once one of the vital realized political thinkers of his generation

3. puzzle (noun)

Meaning: any person or one thing this is mysterious or tricky to perceive

Example: For comprehensible causes, pulmonary circulate stays an enigma to maximum medical doctors.

4. Fiery (adjective)

Meaning: excessively enthusiastic or passionate, particularly to an over the top level

Example: One factor was once how to appease an ideologically fervent team of new Republican legislators.

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(Definitions and examples are taken from Oxford Languages)

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