In today’s era, we have advanced a lot technologically, due to which all our work is done sitting at home in minutes. For example, if you have to do work related to the bank, then you can also do it through your mobile phone or laptop. You can do many bank related work sitting at home. In today’s time, people keep cash at least with them and do more and more online transactions. At the same time, through online banking, you can also send money to another person’s bank account. Meaning, as before, one does not have to go to the bank to send money. But sometimes some mistakes happen while sending money from people to someone, due to which money gets transferred to another person’s bank account. In such a situation, if this happens to you too, then let us tell you how you can get this money back. You can learn more about this in the next slides…

What to do if money is transferred to the wrong account?

step 1

  • If your money has gone into an invalid bank account, then they get back in your bank account after a few days. But if your money has been transferred to the wrong bank account, the first thing you should do is contact the customer care of your bank. From here you get information about what to do next, so that you can get your money back.

Step 2

  • In case of money transfer in the wrong account, you should go to the bank, and there you can also contact the bank officer or bank manager.

Step 3

  • You have to give complete details of the transaction in the bank and screenshot of the payment along with the written application.

Step 4

  • In the wrong bank account to which you have transferred money, you can take the mobile number of that account holder from the bank employee and ask them to return the money.


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