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Imlie July 1, 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie’s plan fails

Imlie July 1, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Imlie tells Jyoti that she is Aryan’s best friend and what may be the best gift than a video message for Aryan. She plays a video on a TV hoping to embarrass her, but stands shocked to see Jyoti wishing Aryan a happy birthday. Aryan thanks Jyoti for the wishes. Jyoti remembers learning that Kairi is Imlie, and when she removed the trap set for Imlie, she noticed the hidden camera and changed the clip. In the flashback, Jyoti thanks Imlie for forwarding her video message to Aryan. Aryan thanks Jyoti again and asks everyone to go to dinner while he and Imlie join them after some time. Imlie panics. Aryan tries to comfort her and asks if she wants to show another video. Imlie says she is afraid to see Jyoti’s malice and must stop her. She feels short of breath.

Aryan offers her water and asks her to stop. Imlie says that she can’t let Jyoti come between them as only her baby can come between them. Aryan cannot calm her down and gives up. Jyoti overhears their conversation and realizes that Aryan knows about her and Kairi, now she will stay in Aryan’s house permanently and kick Imlie out of the house.

Imlie, while resting on the bed, recalls Jyoti’s taunts and Aryan forcing her to rest. She tells her baby she can rest, but Jyoti’s evil brain won’t.
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