Imlie 27 May 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie denies following superstitious rituals

Imlie 27 May 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie denies following superstitious rituals

Imlie 27 May 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie denies following superstitious rituals

Imlie 27 May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Tamarind gets emotional remembering Narmada, Aryan and Arpita’s enthusiasm for their child. She thinks that Aryan is working hard to make her happy and keep the family happy, so she should not waste her hard work by being sad. She keeps children’s clothes in the cupboard and tries to focus on her work. Narmada goes to her and says that she should accompany her to a baba who treats infertility of women with jharphook/superstition. Tamarind says that she does not believe in Jharfook babas as they are fake. Narmada asks him to accept that he has a flaw and should do so at least for the sake of the family lineage. Imlie agrees for his sake. Aryan enters and asks where are they going. Tamarind lies that Narmada is taking her to a Baba who sings good bhajans. Aryan asks her to finish her work first.

In Baba’s place, Baba announced to meet him and experience a miracle. Neela shows the pregnant women to Narmada and says that Baba blessed all of them to become pregnant. Narmada says that she needs only one heir for her family. Neela takes him towards the ashram. Tamarind hears Baba’s associates demanding huge money for private worship and realizes that he is a greedy thief. She thinks that she wants to kill Baba with her elbow, but is helpless. Narmada bowed to Baba. Baba sees Tamarind and asks Narmada from where did she get this sinful daughter-in-law, who has committed a lot of sins in her previous lives and hence cannot get pregnant. Narmada requests her to find some solution as she can pay any amount for her grandson. Baba says tamarind has to be sacrificed for the sake of a child. Narmada says she will and asks Tamarind if she will.

Tamarind asks him what he should do. He says that if he needs his blood, he needs to cut off his hand and drop 100 drops of blood into a vessel. Tamarind is shocked to hear this and refuses to do so. She tells Narmada that Baba is fake and acting. Baba shouts that he is not fake. Neela shouts at Imli that she is very arrogant and selfish only cares about herself, hence she is infertile. Tamarind walks away while Narmada tries to stop her. Neela instigates Narmada that if Imli does not want to give birth to a child by performing rituals, she should separate Imli from Aryan and instead marry Aryan to Gudiya.

Tamarind cries sitting on a chair. A girl approaches him. Tamarind becomes happy and plays with the girl, but the girl’s mother pulls the girl away saying that she will not allow her daughter to be affected by the sinner. Tamarind questions why they judge a woman on the basis of her motherhood while a woman achieves success in many other things in life. She suggests them not to believe in superstitions and fake Baba. She says that she got pregnant because of superstition and not because of superstition, so she should not destroy her life in the trap.

When she cannot honor her MIL’s request, Narmada warns her to keep quiet. She orders him to release Aryan. If she cannot perform the rituals, she will get Aryan married to Gudiya and get his legal heir. Neela instigates that when Imli can marry Aryan for the second time, why doesn’t she leave Aryan. Narmada says that there was a problem with Tamarind’s marriage, so she had to divorce her first husband. Neela says that Aditya also left her because of her faults. Hearing his taunts, Tamarind starts crying. Narmada again threatens Imli to either perform the ritual or leave Aryan.

Precap: Tamarind is forced to cut off her hand and perform superstitious rituals. Aryan reaches there and shouts at everyone.

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