Imlie 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie’s Innocence Gets Her Arrested

Imlie 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie’s Innocence Gets Her Arrested

Imlie 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie’s Innocence Gets Her Arrested

Sep 21, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Tamarind searches for Chini while Atharva searches for the voice he just heard. He stands behind Imli without seeing her. The tamarind scarf flies off and lands on Atharv’s face. Sugar walks between them and stands up looking at Atharv. Tamarind asked the Chinese to bring her dupatta. The sugar is taken from Atharva and returned to Tamarind. The manager takes Atharv. Chini scolds Tamarindo for walking into the crowd and asks her to wait outside. Imli gets a call from Rupali telling him that she and Chini are on their way. A guy bumps into her, drops her cell phone. Tamarind saw a boy drop a packet of white powder and returned it. he hesitates to take. She says that she’s already giving him a headache because of the crowd, that she should get the package back from her. The boy says that it is medicine for a headache. Tamarind asks if it is herbal medicine from an Ayurvedic store. The boy says yes, the police saw him looking and ran away. The police tire of looking for him and comment that his headache is running after a drug dealer. Tamarind gives them a white powder and says that he will cure their headaches. Sugar tries to leave the concert venue but stops hearing Atharv singing the Rukja O Dil Deewane song…her friends inform her of Tamarind’s arrest and she panics.

Arpita and Rupali are worried about the tamarind and the sugar. Narmada sees the news and reports that Chini has been arrested for drug smuggling. Arpita and Rupali refuse to accept this. Narmada says that Tamarind is suffering the consequences of her sins because Narmada lost her child because of Tamarind. Arpita asks him to stop blaming the innocent Tamarindo. Imli writes poetry at the police station. The bailiff asks if he is a poet. Tamarind says that Kavita is like his mother that gives him peace of mind. Chini arrives there and asks the inspector to release Imli because he is innocent and behaving like an old ambassador car model. The inspector warns her to stop helping a drug dealer or she too will be in trouble. Atharv arrives there and says that he has come to help Chini. He asks the inspector to question Tamarind once. The inspector asks Sugar about the powder. Chini says that she is churna/herbal medicine that is sold by a shop across the street from her house, the whole family takes it and they no longer have a headache. She also tells that a man dropped it in her hand and ran away from her.

Atharv says that he will get CCTV footage of his club to prove Imli’s innocence and shows the footage. The inspector tells Tamarind that she is a deadly drug. Tamarind panics and apologizes for the mix up, saying that she will find the culprit and hand him over. Sugar asks if they can go now because it’s too late. Atharva’s brother Akash informs his father Rudra Rana that Atharva is at the police station. His wife Kiya says that Atharv has been arrested today. Rudra is upset that Atharva Rana, the youngest son of business tycoon Rudra Rana, is at the police station twice today. Akash tries to calm her down. Rudra takes out her anger on Akash and Kiya. His sister Shivani and his wife try to pacify him to no avail. The wife is worried about Atharv.

Walking towards the house, Chini scolds Tamarindo for her silly behavior. Atharv stops his car and offers to drive them home. Cheney thanks her for her help. Atharv focuses only on Sugar and plays a romantic song while she is driving, only to see Cheeni. Cheney enjoys singing. At a traffic light, Tamarindo offers to pay a beggar money. Enunch blesses her and Atharv’s mate. Cheney believes that people make up stories when they see a boy and a girl together, a bored tamarind can never be paired with DJ Arto.

Precap: Narmada scolds Imli for spoiling the Rathor family name. Tamarindo says that he doesn’t use drugs and takes the oath from his parents. Narmada spoils Tamarind’s birthday cake and denies permission to celebrate the unlucky Tamarind’s birthday.

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