Imlie 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Chini Secretly Meets Atharva

Imlie 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Chini Secretly Meets Atharva

Imlie 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Chini Secretly Meets Atharva

Tamarind Oct 15, 2022 Written episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written update

Tamarind sees Atharv outside her house and thinks that he must have come to meet him, but it is not good to go out at this hour and so she will go to his room and talk to him. She enters the room and tells him to leave. She sees Atharv’s note asking her to meet him at a temple tomorrow night and she is glad to think so. Chini is happy thinking that her destiny is now clear, it will be brighter than Tamarind’s after marrying Atharva. On the other hand, Devika, Shivani and Divya choose the ornaments to present to Imli for his first Karva Chauth ritual. Kiya says that a small chain would also be good for Imli, since her dress style is very low on the market and this class jewelry is too heavy for her. Devika says that a diamond is a diamond, whether it is wrapped in cotton or silk cloth. Shivani says that the tamarind is more precious than this jewel. Kia says that when she got married they treated her the same way, but now the tamarind is her favorite and she feels cheated. Shivani says that she also thought that she had brought a daughter home, but… Devika stops her. Shivani says that she too has been deceived just like her. Atharv passes. Divya shows him the decorations chosen for Imli. Atharv thinks everyone is happy, but all confusion will be cleared up in a few hours.

The next morning, Devika, accompanied by Divya, Kiya, and Shivani, goes to the Rathore mansion and presents the ornaments to Imli. Tamarind says that her blessings were enough for her. Kiya mutters that she wasted so many precious jewels on Imli. She enters sugar. Tamarind asks him to go see her jewelry. The Chinese say they are her jewelry, so she should check it out for herself. Tamarind says that she might suggest matching jewelry with her clothes, since she has a better sense of fashion. Anu enters and says that Tamarindo must understand that Chini’s wedding was canceled yesterday and she is crying. Kiya says that Chini herself annulled that marriage. The Chinese act emotionally asks Imli to choose her own jewelry.

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