CBSE Term 2 Class 10, 12 exams will be conducted from April 26, 2022. Check below tips and strategies to score 90% in your Class 10th, 12th Term 2 Science subjects.

CBSE Board Class 10, 12 Term 2 Exam is going to start from 26th April, 2022. The date sheet for both class 10th and 12th has been released and students are gearing up for their preparation.

Students are in their last month of preparation and seeking all possible help for their CBSE Board Exams from all sources. Here are some tips which will help the students to score 90% marks in Science subjects. Check out the resources below.

Why do students consider science subjects to be more difficult than other subjects?

Science requires basic understanding and some subjects such as physics and chemistry involve numerical problems. This is the reason why students consider it a difficult subject overall.

Students must do one thing in the last days of their preparation. Practice as many numerical questions as possible so that their fear vanishes before the exam.

There are 3 main subjects in science- Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This is for both CBSE class 10 and 12. This includes both theory and numerical problems, along with difficult-to-study measurement diagrams. Students must manage all these details in every subject while studying it.

Science is studied as a general subject in class 10th which gets divided into three branches in class 12th. The curriculum is vast and difficult for many students. This leaves almost no time for the students to revise it thoroughly. This is the reason why their marks fall in this subject. Check out what to do and what strategies to follow to score good marks in science subjects.

CBSE Term 2 Board Exam 2022: How to score 90% in class 10, 12-

  • Try to read according to the syllabus:

Take the course in hand and do only what is stated there. In class 10 students should try not to go beyond their NCERT books, whereas in class 12 the syllabus is broader than in class 10. So students should read only those topics in their reference books which are based on the syllabus and are present in their NCERT books or examples.

  • Solve one question paper daily:

Students should solve one paper every day at the time of their examination. Suppose your science exam will be in morning shift one day, then practice in the morning. It will try to adjust your brain to function faster during that time.

Students should time their mock tests. This means that your paper must be solved within the time limit of the actual CBSE Class 10, 12 Exams. Giving time to mock tests will help you to increase your accuracy over time and you will not be under time limit pressure on the day of actual exam.

  • Modify formulas and diagrams:

Formulas and diagrams help to score better marks in science subjects. In subjects like Physics, numerical problems cover half the paper which can be solved only if you remember the formula. In chemistry, students should target chapters like organic chemistry that require diagrammatic representation of formulas. In any subject of science there should be no compromise with the sutras at any cost. As far as biology is concerned, the subject is based on diagrammatic representations which students must follow at all times. Remember, the representation of the answers should be neat and sufficient to give you marks for the test checker.

  • Do not rush your preparation:

Students should not overdo their preparation. Just revise the time and don’t try to read anything new. Students should focus on revising the chapters they have read earlier. Do not sit at the last minute to study anything new as it will only create tension. Also sleep on time so that you stay healthy. Students should not follow any other book other than NCERT examples and one reference book per subject.

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