Term 2 examinations of CBSE Class 10 and 12 are to begin from April 26, 2022. Students are now just 15 days away from their exams. Here’s how to prepare in the last 15 days.

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CBSE Term 2 Revision Tips

CBSE Term 2 Revision Tips

CBSE Board students are now in the final stage of their CBSE Term 2 exam preparation. All the students of class 10 and 12 have already started their second revision. Jagran Josh got in touch with some of the students to know about their preparation status. Here is what our experts want the students to follow in the last 15 days of CBSE Board Exam 2022 (Term 2).

Check out the tips shared by experts below:

CBSE Class 10, 12 Board Exams: How to Revise in Last 15 Days?

This year CBSE Date Sheet is balanced and well prepared for the benefit of the student. Now only 15 days are left in the examination of the students. Here’s what not to do in the last 15 days:

  • Don’t study anything new:

Class 10 and 12 students should not read any new chapter at all. If you have missed a chapter, now is not the time to study it.

Now is the time for revision. Students should re-read the chapters they have already read and find difficult than the rest. If there is a chapter in maths that you think takes longer than the first, revise it first.

  • Paper Solving is the Key to Success:

In these 15 days you should aim to solve at least 4 papers from different subjects. Class 10 students will not find it difficult, but 12th students have a lot of subjects so they should manage time and time in such a way that all the subjects are covered and you should have at least 2 test papers per subject got to solve.

Also, make sure to focus exclusively on Science and Mathematics as these subjects can be difficult.

  • Don’t compare your preparation level with your friends:

It is true that healthy competition is good, but cut throat competition can frustrate you which is not good for your exam. The board also has a completely different impact on the students and their parents, which leaves any student wanting for more. “Students are pushed even by their parents who sometimes make it an ego issue, which should be avoided as it puts undue pressure on the child,” says DU professor Kumar.

  • Students should time their efforts:

It is necessary not only to make efforts but also to give them time. Especially in science and maths, students should do as many numerical exercises as possible and revise all the formulas last. It is also mandatory for the students to give time to solve their papers. “You don’t have more than 4 minutes to write explanations with diagrams, so it is better to practice some such problems beforehand,” advises the principal, DPS Ghaziabad.

Students are also advised to take good sleep and practice to go to bed early so that they do not face any problem at the time of examination. Also, it is best to stay hydrated, especially if living in North India. Happy board exam.

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