How to increase YouTube Subscribers?

If you are looking for a way to earn money, then you can earn millions or even crores by creating your YouTube channel, it depends on what kind of content you are creating and how many people like to watch it. When anyone starts a new channel, the biggest problem is that there is no Subscribers Increase on your YouTube channel, then you go to the Internet and find a way to increase YouTube Subscriber, but all those methods do not work properly. Because those people do not tell you the Genuine way, how to increase Subscriber on YouTube Channel? Just make videos on this topic and their own Subscribers are less.

So as you must be aware, we have some channels running on our YouTube which have millions of Subscribers and out of these there are some channels in which we have completed one lakh Subscribers within only 6 months. How did we increase Real Subscribers through this post of today? It has been told about this that if you also want to start a YouTube channel of your own or you have already created a YouTube channel and Subscribers are not increasing on it, then you should read this post completely.

There are also some methods available on the internet, using which you can increase the Subscriber on your YouTube channel, but for this you will have to spend money, if you use this method, then after some time these subscribers are reduced and which I have told you the way in today’s post, for this you will not need to spend even ₹ 1, you can increase the subscription on your YouTube channel for free, so let us take information about all these things in detail.

YouTube Subscribers how to increase,

Have you also started your YouTube channel recently, so in such a situation, your biggest question would be that what should we do in our videos or what is the setting of YouTube, using which we can increase the subscriber on our YouTube channel. If possible, first of all let me tell you that there is no such secret setting of YouTube, using which you can increase thousands of subscribers on your YouTube channel daily.

Yes, there are definitely some methods using which you can increase Real Subscribers, so for this we have given some methods in this post, you can use them, when you use all of them, then after some time on your YouTube channel. Good daily subscribers will start increasing on yourself and after that views will also start coming on your channel.

Some people also believe that if you have 0 Subscribers on your YouTube channel, then your YouTube channel will not get views. Till then the views will not come on it and will not increase on your Subscribers either.

First of all, you should know that if views are not coming on your YouTube channel, then your subscribers are not going to increase, then for this we first need to bring views on our channel when a good number will also come on the channel. So all the people who are watching your video will definitely subscribe and in the same way the subscribers will start increasing on your YouTube channel.

1. Make a video by doing keyword research

This is the only way using which you can get views on any YouTube channel and I also tell you that very few people know about this thing if you are reading this post. So before making your video, you make a video by doing keyword research, then you will see that you will get more views on this new video than before, not only that if your video is ranked and whatever keyword you have used. If the Search Volume is very good on it, then your video can get millions of views.

Now the question of you people will be that how to do keyword research for YouTube videos, then for this you can use Vidiq Extension in Google Chrome, with the help of this you can do Free Keyword Research, you can use this tool with low competition keywords. Have to find and make a video on the same topic.

After that you have a little YouTube SEO You should also have knowledge about how to use keywords, if you know these things, then you can rank your video and bring good views from YouTube’s search result and when the views start coming on your channel, then automatically your Subscribers will continue to grow on YouTube channel.

Basic YouTube SEO To do this, you have to keep in mind that whatever low competition you have found by doing keyword research, you must write it in the title, tags and description of your YouTube video. Views can come from search results.

2. Must use YouTube Shorts

YouTube also TikTok As Short Video Platform has been created whose name is YouTube Shorts, here you can create and upload any video of your 60 seconds and these days you are getting very good views on YouTube Shorts, for that you have to upload some Shorts Videos, many such channels. There are those on which millions of views come within 5-6 days.

So if you have made a good video then your YouTube channel can get so many views but for that it is important that you try to make your video good enough so that more and more people like to watch it.Views will also be available on YouTube Shorts Videos, from there you will get very good Subscribers, if you want to increase Subscriber within a very short time, then in that case you can increase more than 10000 Subscribers daily by uploading YouTube Shorts Video.

For example, you can see the Facts K Video YouTube channel, how they have made millions of subscribers by uploading only short videos on their YouTube channel within a very short time, in the same way you can also make your own YouTube short channel. You can increase Real Subscribers by turning it on.

3. Upload Regular Video

You must have heard this thing often that you should upload videos regularly and it does not mean that you should upload videos daily because each category of video takes different time to create if you are looking for a comedy video. If you are making it, it may take you 1 week for it, so in such a situation you cannot upload videos daily.


You will try to upload one video a week and if you make this kind of video which takes you only less time to make or somewhere you can make that video in few hours then you will try every week Must upload 34 videos.

Set both the day and time of uploading the video that suppose if you want to upload the video at 6:00 pm, then whenever you upload the video, upload the video only at 6:00 pm, this will happen All your subscribers will know that we can watch their videos only at 6:00 pm.

or you YouTube Analytics Using this you can see at what time your YouTube video is most viewed, then you can upload your video at the same time.

4. Increase Watch Time

If you want to make your YouTube video Viral or if you want to get views from YouTube Recommendations, then you will have to increase the Watch Time of your YouTube Video and to increase it, you must write a good script before making the video. If you are new now, then you must write a YouTube script because when you are sitting in front of the camera to record the video, then at that time you forget many things that what you should tell in your video. It happens.

So this thing should not happen and when you write the script for the video, then try to tell something in the beginning so that your video must be seen till the end, if your watch time of that YouTube video is good, then the impressions of YouTube’s video so that if you have good for your youtube video thumbnail If it is made, then the CTR of that video will increase and with this views will start coming on your video, then when the views come, then the Subscribers will automatically increase.

5. Collab With Related Channels

You must have seen that all the big channels on YouTube do Collab Videos with each other, so you can do the same, the best way for this is that whatever kind of videos you are making, then you can do this. Find out how many more people are making videos like you, in the beginning if you search for a channel with a good subscriber, then it may refuse to collab with you, in the beginning you should increase your Subscriber a little, then do the collab Ask any other YouTube Creators for .

In Collab Video, you can make videos with your other creators or take an interview with them, you can make such videos and collab with each other, it will be beneficial that there will be as many Audiences of that other channel as you can. If you do not know about the YouTube channel, then they will also know about you through this video and in this way you can increase the subscribers on your YouTube channel, if you make good videos, then maybe the people of their YouTube channel Subscribe subscribe your channel too.

So friends, here I have given you a way to increase YouTube Subscriber or How to increase YouTube Subscriber? It has been told about this that all the methods mentioned here are free, for this you will not need to pay any money and by using these methods you will be able to increase Real Subscribers. If you liked this post of ours today, then you can tell us by writing in the comment box below, as well as you can also share this post of ours on your Facebook and WhatsApp.

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