How does it feel to be a lookalike of Shahrukh Khan?  read here

How does it feel to be a lookalike of Shahrukh Khan? read here

How does it feel to be a lookalike of Shahrukh Khan?  read here

'Sir, a selfie?': How does it feel to be a Shah Rukh Khan lookalike.  read here

A picture of Shahrukh’s lookalike Ibrahim Qadri. (courtesy: official humansofbombe)

New Delhi:

Ibrahim Qadri, who is one of the most beloved actors of the Hindi film industry, wants to meet his “idol” Shah Rukh Khan someday and with that goal in mind, he opens his heart to Humans of Humans. Bombay. Ibrahim, in his detailed note, said that it was in his teens that his friends and family members mentioned to him that he looked like Shah Rukh Khan. He started the post with these words: “I was never the one who paid too much attention to my looks. But my looks were often brought to my attention by my family and friends – ‘You look like Shah Rukh Khan !’ My parents were especially proud that they gave birth to a child who resembled the superstar of India. I could not pay attention to that and frankly, when puberty came, I Started looking exactly like SRK!”

Like Shah Rukh Khan’s fans, Ibrahim too received a lot of love and shared an anecdote in the post. “And that’s when the madness began; after my friends and I looked richEveryone started gathering me for selfies, thinking that the real Shah Rukh made an appearance for the premiere of the film,” he wrote, citing an example.

The doors of love opened again for Ibrahim Qadri. This is when he went to watch an IPL match between KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) and Gujarat Lions in a stadium. He was surrounded by fans and even a cop asked him for a selfie. “Then another incident happened when I went to see KKR watching Gujarat Lions at the stadium. Everyone took out their cameras and shook my hand. People clapped and spoke lines from Shahrukh’s famous film at me. I saw people cheering Shahrukh. so much love for. , and for the first time, I felt likeKing, It was special! But very quickly, I also realized what Shah Rukh probably goes through every day; I was swept away and someone held me so tightly that my t-shirt was torn! Things got so bad that I had to call the police to get me out of the stadium safely. And after saving me, the police asked, ‘SRK sir, a selfie?’,” he wrote while sharing the incident.

Ibrahim Qadri tries to incorporate Shahrukh’s mannerisms in his style. He added in his article: “To see people so excited to meet me that I wanted to take my SRK persona seriously and be his doppelganger. And so I watched all his movies and imitated his mannerisms.” Started doing it. In understanding SRK, I found it too. Amazed by how charming, kind and big hearted our Badshah of Bollywood is. And those are qualities which I try to imbibe in myself as well. “

Being a Shah Rukh Khan lookalike also gave Ibrahim many occasions – he is invited to weddings and other events. “I’m often invited to shows and weddings as a ‘special guest’ and I enjoy dancing with the crowd as a ‘special guest’.Chaiyya Chaiyya, To see that people feel special around someone they really look up to, I think is worth what I do.”

As much as it is fun to be like Shahrukh Khan, Ibrahim also wants to make his own identity. “But as much as I respect Shah Rukh, I also want people to look beyond my looks and try to get to know me as a person too… will be Shah Rukh,” read an excerpt from his post.

Ibrahim signed the note by writing about his dream – would like to meet Shah Rukh Khan one day and thank him”from the heartHe wrote: “It would be like a dream come true if one day I meet my idol Shah Rukh in person! If that were the case I would be speechless, but when I recovered from being starstruck I would tell him, ‘For always making me laugh, cry, dance, sing and have fun… I thank you. from the heart,

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Shah Rukh Khan, who was last seen in the 2018 film ZeroAnushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif co-star, will next be seen in the much-awaited Pathan: With Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. he has also signed DunkikHer first project with Rajkumar Hirani, co-starring Taapsee Pannu.


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