His First and Only Love- Rikara FF (Chapter 2: Her Reason)

She wanted to ask him a lot of things, how was he doing, how were things going in his life… if he missed her… and if he still loved her…

No, it shouldn’t bother me… I shouldn’t feel that way. I always wanted him to move forward, then why do I always have this feeling..? Gauri was surprised.

“I honestly gave up even trying to meet you. I know you don’t like me and maybe even hate me. I didn’t want to force you or anything..It somehow happened and I flow Went with Omkara slowly explained.

For what Gauri was feeling, the grief would be nothing less than a word. He felt as if he had been stabbed in his heart.

Did he really think I hated him? hate? No, I can’t hate him even if I try. I just can’t. And he left me? Gauri’s heart was stunned.

No Gauri! You don’t have to be sad about this!! Isn’t that what you wanted him to do? To stop following you? why are you sad now? His mind asked him.

“My mother saw you at a wedding. You were helping an old lady. She liked you then and there but was not able to talk to you. Omkara continued, “And then he dropped the idea but then…”

“What happened then?” Gauri asked curiously. She tried to think what function it could be but couldn’t remember, she herself had been the event manager of many functions and sometimes she used to help Anika to manage her functions. So it seemed almost impossible to think of a function. But at the same time, she was well aware that none of the Oberoi events she organized had been invited, so that probably had to be one of Anika’s tasks.

Omkara could do nothing but smile a little. He fell in love with the ahh curious Gauri. How sweet she was when she got curious. But brushing off his thoughts, he continued his explanation “And then, one day when the broker was showing some pictures of different girls, yours flew out of his bag and my mother saw it. But the broker did Took it saying it’s not for us. But then my mom asked her the details about you and she got very excited…”

Gauri eagerly listened to him.

“And well, after that he talked to dad about it and my dad was so happy that mom got the girl he’d been admiring and bragging about since they got married. And then both of them gave me a picture of the girl. persuaded to see.”

“Then?” Gauri asked, unable to hide her curiosity.

“I was stunned. Although my first instinct was to agree, I declined. They kept asking reasons and I didn’t say anything, but it seems like you impressed my mom a lot because she wouldn’t leave me until Till I agree to see you. So I had to tell her my past, I told her everything. But she felt that this is what destiny wanted her to be and even after trying she didn’t let me give up. So I I’m here.” Omkara said, and then looking into her brown eyes, she continued. “Gauri, I felt as if destiny wanted it to happen. So I came, the rest is up to you. Whatever you decide, I will accept it.”

Gauri was shocked by this revelation. His Lord Shiva Was definitely playing a game with her life. To be honest, she always wondered what would happen if someday they crossed paths again? But then, thinking it was too dramatic, she always brushed off those thoughts. But now here it was being played in the hands of destiny.

Did her fate really plan their union?

Omkara looked at Gauri while she was lost in thoughts. He always wanted to spend his life with her, he knew from the beginning that it was not just a teenage crush or infatuation, he knew full well that she was special and would continue to rule his heart no matter what. He knew that she was the one he wanted to spend his life with, whom he could never stop loving, so even to think of anyone else it felt like a loss to himself, him, and the other girl. is cheating.

Over the past 11 years, he thought that maybe with time he could move on. But deep down he knew that no other girl would ever replace Gauri and that his feelings for her would always be constant, if anything, he found that those feelings were only getting stronger. His thoughts were always around her, even when he tried to push her away.

“Gauri” Omkara called softly, breaking her from her samadhi.

“Uh yes?”

“How are you?” He asked the question she wanted to ask him. For a moment she did not know what to say, how to tell him the confusing feelings she had for him.

“I… I’m fine. How are you?” Gauri asked.

“I’m good too.” Omkara replied.

“Omkara,” began Gauri and melted hearing Omkara calling her again, how he missed hearing her name from his mouth. “Do you really think this is what Shankarji wanted?”

Well, didn’t expect that question. Omkara thought to herself.

“At the end of the day, the choice should be yours, Gauri. I don’t want you to choose anything because you think that’s what God wants you to do.” Omkara said “But, one thing I can assure you, my feelings for Gauri are still the same. In all these years it has never waned even a little.” He didn’t even know why he told her what he did, but he wanted her to know that he still loved her.

Hearing his words, a wave of relief ran. but why? Why would it matter to him? Relief should not be what he should feel.

heyoh my god what’s wrong with me? Why am I relieved that he still….loves…me? I shouldn’t feel… what’s happening to me? How can I be so selfish? How can I be happy knowing that he still hasn’t moved on when I clearly don’t feel that way for him. Or… do… I….feeling something? No, no, it can’t happen…

,Gauri, take your time. If so, I’ll let them know. But if you’re determined to… then…” He didn’t fulfill his words because it hurt him to think of going away from her again after getting this opportunity. Even though he had reassured himself. had taken that she would decline the offer, somewhere she had hoped to get a chance.

But not all good things happen to everyone.
He was heartbroken after hearing no response from Gauri. She knew how she would never say something that would offend others, unless it was really important to say it. So his silence meant his disapproval.

“Well if your answer is no. I hope you have a wonderful life and that person who will be in your life will be the luckiest person. I am sorry to bother you…” Omkara hesitated before ending “I’ll leave then.” Saying this he turned to leave, trying his best to cry.

But before he could take another step, he felt her hand behind a soft little hand, he looked back, she saw him holding her hand, looking into her eyes, her tears falling down. are threatening.

“I…don’t know..I need some time to think about this…please” said Gauri, and then as a tear ran down her eyes, she asked, “Why is everything so confusing is?”

Omkara could not wipe away her tears in a hurry.
“Gauri, I promise everything will be fine even if you say no. You don’t need to think about anyone else. Just think about yourself. About what you want. ,

“That’s all I can’t do. I don’t know what I’m feeling…” she said helplessly. “I don’t understand what my heart wants… it’s so confusing.”

“Take your time then Gauri.”

“how much time?” Gauri asked, “It’s not that I have much time to understand it. Me-“

“I’ll wait until I’m old, if that’s what you want from me.” Omkara interrupted.

Gauri felt that her heart melted by his words.
What did I do for you to love me so much? Gauri thought, but instead of expressing her thoughts, she said, “Please give me a few days.”

“Don’t worry Gauri. Just listen to your heart.” replied Omkara. “Smile now.”

“Thanks.” Gauri smiled slightly. This man was really amazing. If only she could fall in love with him, how good would everything be. But it seemed that love did not want to enter his life.

or did?

Well, his mother did.
“Gauri, Omkara son, are you both done?” Gauri’s mother Vasundhara asked while knocking on the door.

“One minute mom!” Gauri replied.

“Do you want my number or something?” Omkara whispered.

Gauri nodded and took his number in her phone and called him. “It’s my number,” she said with a smile.

To be continued…

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