Oxygen System – Liquid oxygen system for District Hospital and Madhotanda CHC

Pilibhit. The number of people infected is continuously increasing due to the infection with Kovid-19. There is a lack of oxygen due to the increasing number of patients in the district. Officials from the Ministry of Health and the administration have made efforts to resolve this issue. A liquid oxygen system is now being built … Read more

The Chief Minister’s helicopter landed after disinfection – The Chief Minister’s helicopter landed after disinfection

The Chief Minister’s helicopter landed after disinfectionThe security system in the police line was tightened, no one was allowed to enterPolice officers stationed on either side of the road as they passed the convoyAmar Ujala BureauBareilly. The police took strict precautions for the safety of Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath amid the corona infection. Even before … Read more

Panchayat Chunaaav – BSP must go to court after the winner declares the candidate Jagdei lost

Pilibhit. BSP has received a setback after objecting to the announcement of the winner at Station No. 27 of Panchayat District. The BSP-backed candidate Jagdei, who was declared the winner with 522 votes, lost with 116 votes, while Independent Mithilesh was declared the winner. Orders were also given to give hunting eggs. In the past, … Read more

40 percent of Corona bodies infected in the cremation ghats

28 of the seventy bodies cremated under the rules of Kovid, eight infected people died in Kovid hospitalsEven then, the number of new infections in the 24 hours is only 530Bareilly. The number of deaths continues to rise even after the number of corona infections has decreased. On Friday, a total of 70 bodies came … Read more

Medical Store Seal – Medical Store Seal for selling drugs at more than the print rate

Pilibhit. SDM tested the reality of black marketing in medical stores by becoming a customer on the team. During this time, a medical store was sealed to sell drugs at a price that was above the pressure rate. Instructions for strict action in this case were given to the drug inspector.In the Corona crisis, there … Read more

Oxygen crisis – Oxygen crisis in the private covid hospital, letter to CMO

Pilibhit. The oxygen crisis in the district is not diminishing. A private covid hospital had difficulty treating patients due to insufficient oxygen supply. In addition, the manager of the Kovid Hospital has written a letter to the GMO and the drug inspector trying to deliver oxygen as needed.In the letter to the GMO, Dr. Pranjal … Read more

Civic Amenities – Not only tigers, but birds too have begun to settle in PTR

Pilibhit. With the biodiversity of the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve and better climatic tigers, the birds have started to get better. It is important that more than ten global bird species can be seen in PTR. It is a fact that despite all of this, there are no proper bird protection arrangements in PTR.The number of … Read more

Politically: BJP’s ZIP president has dominated SP-BSP only once after independence in two decades

Pilibhit. The results of the Panchayat elections have already revealed the reality of the political parties. The Chairman of the District Panchayat President did not get a clear majority for anyone and has become interesting. The ruling BJP, SP and BSP each have six seats. In such a situation, all three parties are able to … Read more

Political – Half of the government is formed in Panchayat district, with women winning on 22 out of 34

Pilibhit. Women again play a crucial role in the Panchayat elections. When the election results were announced, it was decided that this time Panchayat district would also have a government with half the population. Candidates won 21 of the 34 counties in Panchayat District. That number was 18 in the 2015 elections. As in the … Read more

Corona – After the election, fever, cough and respiratory patients came to the village.

Pilibhit. After the Panchayat elections, patients with corona symptoms were found in rural areas. On the first day of the door-to-door survey, 368 patients were reported with a cough, fever, cold and breath. They are believed to be corona suspects. Everything is examined. The vote for the Panchayat elections took place between April 26th and … Read more