Dr. Bipin Artist Help – Award-winning film director Dr. Vipin Agnihotri volunteered to help the town’s artists

Lalitpur Award-winning film director Dr. Bipin Agnihotri has come forward to help the economically weak city performers. Whether theater artist, model or film artist, he helps everyone. Many of the city’s artists are infected with corona and cannot be treated for lack of money. According to Dr. Through his organization, he not only helps Bipin … Read more

Block Chief Election – Manipulative blocks for the main election

Lalitpur The bloc has started manipulating for the main election. Prospective claimants try to move the Kshetra Panchayat members in their favor by adopting all guidelines, prices, penalties and discrimination to bring members to justice. Although the elections have been postponed due to the corona transition, political mathematicians have already gathered to plan their future … Read more

Negligence in electing, suspended 8 – Negligence in electing costs eight teachers dearly

Lalitpur Eight teachers in the Basic Education Department found it costly to be negligent in elections. The District Basic Education Officer has suspended the teachers.In the three-stage Panchayat elections, schools were turned into polling stations. Instructions were given to repair the floor, pot for drinking water, lightbulbs, power cords and toilets to sit in these … Read more

No rural senitization – A sanitation and cleanliness campaign should be carried out in rural areas

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Lockdown Violation – Many business people are unwilling to open a business during Corona’s curfew

Pali (Lalitpur). Many traders open stores in the city during the curfew to control the increasing pace of the corona infection. Because of this, there is a risk of increasing corona infection. Because the purpose with which the curfew is imposed is not followed.During Corona’s curfew, four hours will be relaxed to open the store. … Read more

Oxygen Supply – Oxygen will be available through the official website

Lalitpur District collector Annavi Dinesh Kumar has released the website for residents. This will make oxygen available.An “Oxygen Require Form” option has been added to the main page of the district’s official website, lalitpur.nic.in, which allows residents to receive oxygen by filling out the form when they need oxygen. When you click on the “Oxygen … Read more

Water leakage – loss of supply due to leakage in pipelines

Lalitpur The leakage of the pipeline is proving to be an obstacle to the tightening of the city’s water supply. There are leaks in various pipelines in various Mohallas, from which precious water drains into the sewer system and the water supply is interrupted at high altitudes.The watershed has so far failed to streamline the … Read more

Corona Threat, Wheat Centra – Corona solar eclipse during wheat procurement in the district

Lalitpur Corona has been dwarfed by the district’s ongoing wheat purchases. This has a negative effect on the purchase. Four centers are currently responsible, which means that procurement in three centers comes to a standstill. The fee is changed in a different center.Wheat is currently being sourced in 61 shopping centers in the district, but … Read more

Mla Donate Oxygen Plant – Sadar MLA gave 25 lakhs to build an oxygen plant

Lalitpur According to the Minister of State for Labor and Employment, Manohar Lal Panth, Sadar MLA now recommended Ramratan Kushwaha, Rs 25 lakhs from the 2021-22 fiscal year as part of the Legislature Area Development Fund for the construction of an oxygen facility in the district hospital. The MLA wrote a letter to the Chief … Read more

Fixed Ambulance Tariff – The ambulance driver is no longer arbitrarily run in Lalitpur. DM determines the tariffs

Amar Ujala Network, Jhansi Published by: Jhansi Bureau Updated Mon May 10, 2021 2:19 AM IST District collector Annavi Dinesh Kumar set the rental prices for the ambulance due to complaints from ambulance operators who are getting several times more money back than prescribed by patients. Under the Kovid Act, action is being taken against … Read more