Mobile medical teams conduct house-to-house tests

Mobile medical teams conduct door-to-door examinationsMuzaffarnagar, Janasath. Mobile medical teams were dispatched from the Janasath Community Health Center.The team was formed by the city’s community health center for a door-to-door tour of the area as part of a special campaign for Kovid-19. Members of the mobile medical team will come home and examine Kovid-19’s disease … Read more

Pray Alvida Zuma by staying in houses

Pray goodbye by staying home and offering prayersMuzaffarnagar. For the second time in a row, the happiness of the month of Ramadan has evaporated due to a corona infection. Due to the continuous spread of the infection, due to the Corona curfew, the farewell prayers were also offered this time by staying in the houses.The … Read more

Covid Center at Jayabharat Inter College – Kovid Center at Jayabharat Inter College

The Kovid Center was built at Jayabharat Inter CollegeMuzaffarnagar, Chhapar. Due to the continued increase in the number of corona patients, the administration has converted Jayabharat Inter College in the city into a covid center. The administration set up 30 beds for corona patients here.The number of corona patients in rural areas is constantly increasing, … Read more

Corona curfew is not obeyed in Khatauli – Corona curfew is not obeyed in Khatauli

Corona curfew is not followed in KhatauliMuzaffarnagar, Khatauli. Orders were issued by the county council to open stores selling essential goods for two hours in the morning, but other shopkeepers sit open after seeing that the order has been defrauded. When they hear the police siren, the shops are closed.Shopkeepers in Biddiwada, Barabazar, Balakaram and … Read more

Shehzad and Neetu appear as Corona warriors – Shehzad and Neetu appear as Corona warriors

Shehzad and Neetu appear as Corona warriorsMuzaffarnagar. The disposal of corpses from corpses has become a major challenge in the district after the corona epidemic. In such a situation, the River Ghat Philanthropic Service Committee has emerged as a helper to the general public. The committee’s two ambulances are working to transport the bodies to … Read more

The patient’s family members take oxygen – family concerned about oxygen

The family is disturbed by oxygenMuzaffarnagar. The oxygen crisis has worsened in the district for two days. The life crisis occurred before the home quarantine patients. Officials and public officials cannot answer the public’s phone. The people who queue for oxygen return hungry and thirsty. The oxygen starvation in the district for two days has … Read more

Tighten the screws on unnecessary roamers – Tighten the screws on unnecessary rotators

Tighten the screws on unnecessary visitorsMuzaffarnagar. In the district, the police strictly adhered to the Corona curfew on Friday. After 11 a.m., barricaded at all major intersections, people were forbidden to leave unnecessary houses. SSP and SP City inspected the city and followed the guideline and gave the necessary guidelines.The police strictly enforced the curfew … Read more

There will be a vaccine even if there is no ID

The vaccination is carried out even if there is no identity cardMuzaffarnagar. The Ministry of Health has issued guidelines on vaccinating people without an ID card. Accordingly, such people are registered in the Kovin app and special sessions are organized for their vaccinations. It is the responsibility of the district administration to identify these people. … Read more

The oxygen-rich quarantine center opens in Charathaval

The oxygen-rich quarantine center opens in CharathavalMuzaffarnagar, Charathaval. Saharanpur Division Commissioner AV Rajamouli visited the Kovid ministries in the Charathaval area on Friday. He directed an oxygenated quarantine center to be opened at Jai Hind Inter College in Charathaval. When he became aware of the malfunction of the hand pump at Biralsi PHC, he called … Read more

Dusty thunderstorms and rain changed the weather – The weather changed due to dusty thunderstorms and rain

Muzaffarnagar. Dusty thunderstorms and rains changed the weather conditions on Thursday.The weather was perfect in the morning. Because of the hot sun, the citizens were unhappy. In the evening the weather suddenly changed. Dust was gathered in the sky. The sun did not appear. Suddenly there was a strong dust storm around six o’clock in … Read more