The public awareness flag has been deregistered – the public awareness tampo has been deregistered

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Divisional Food Controller dies of Corona in Mirzapur – Mirzapur: Divisional Food Controller dies of Corona

Amar Ujala Network, Mirzapur Published by: Geetarjun Gautam Updated Sat May 08, 2021 10:03 PM IST Symbolic picture – Photo: Amar Ujala Mirzapur’s food inspector Akhilesh Kumar Pandey died Saturday morning in a Varanasi hospital. He was 57 years old. The RFCs are said to have been infected with Corona in April. Afterwards, other members … Read more

31 doctors found missing during the Mandalayukta check-up, doctors from three districts in Mirzapur telephoned

abstract Wanted explanation from CMO and CMS Hospital OPD is currently closed due to covid-19 in Mirzapur. Meanwhile, Mandalayukt Yogeshwar Ram Mishra checked the presence of doctors from all three districts of Mandal on Saturday, while 31 doctors were found absent. Not only that, many also met outside of headquarters. The Mandalayuk has expressed its … Read more

Poisoned people flew stunned, jewelry, cash to women, children

Lalanagar On Friday evening, poisoners drugged two children, including seven women, with intoxicating tea on a wedding lawn on Mirzapur Road in Gopiganj Kotwali. After taking advantage of the unconsciousness, the Zaharkhurans became enraged at five lakhs of valuable goods, including three gold chainsWhen Krishna Krishna (75), Shivaraji Devi (80), Upasana Devi (27), Neelam Devi … Read more

After registering the greatest victory in Sakteshgarh, Basanti presented the example, received 962 votes in the election for prime minister in Mirzapur, received 962 votes

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Elected BDC members receive certificates – certificates for elected BDC members

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Catching up in rural areas, cycling at speed – Catching up in rural areas, cycling at speed

Mirzapur The cycle gained momentum again ahead of the parliamentary elections. Regarding Vindhyachal Mandal, the Samajwadi Party won the maximum seats in the election of Zilla Panchayat members. 12 seats in Mirzapur and 33 seats in Mandal were won. This success is seen as a strong influence of the SP in rural areas and as … Read more

11 detainees released on 60-day bail – 11 detainees released on 60-day bail

Mirzapur Due to increasing pressure from prisoners in jail due to the corona epidemic, eleven prisoners were released on 60-day bail on Thursday at the direction of the Allahabad Supreme Court. A total of 55 inmates were prepared for release from the county jail. The nine inmates were released on Wednesday. The civil judge Manoj … Read more

Elderly deaths due to Corona, 125 found infected – Elderly deaths due to Corona, 125 found infected

Mirzapur District found more than 100 corona infected on Thursday 27th day and one elderly person also died. On Thursday, 125 newcomers were found and 135 people were laid off. At present, the number of active cases has reached one thousand 633. After 125 infections on Thursday, the total number of infected people has reached … Read more

Bulanshahr News – 17 grams of panchayats set a record of more than 90 percent

17 grams of panchayats set a record with more than 90 percentBulandshahr The population of the district exaggerated their vote in the Panchayat elections in the shadow of Corona. As a result, the total number of votes in the district reached 72.80 percent. During the poll, there were 17 grams of panchayats in the district … Read more