Social workers distributing food to Covid patients in Agra – #ladengecoronase: Commendable step in times of crisis, someone donated plasma and someone distributed food

abstract At the time of the Agra corona epidemic crisis, various institutions and conscious people are taking commendable steps. A quarantine center will be set up to provide free food to patients. Plasma is donated for the treatment of patients. Efforts are being made to raise the morale of the infected. Rakesh Garg donated plasma … Read more

Baagh Se Dasat – An atmosphere of panic in the villages when the tiger roams around

Manikpur (chitrakoot). In the villages bordering the Ranipur Wildlife Vihar there was a tiger panic for two days. The forest team that reached the village denied the tiger’s presence.The villagers have accepted the movement of tigers and cattle in Mauguruduri, Chamraunha, etc. in the Manikpur area. Including a buffalo from Rajaji Ram Mishra from Buffalo … Read more

The flying flag of the lockdown rules

Kopaganj (Mau). The announced curfew for the corona infection chain will not be adhered to. Bharat Milap, the main Chowk bazaar of Kopaganj and the streets connected by the main road have bazaars. The police appeal not to leave the streets unnecessarily, but people crowd at the crossroads.In view of the outbreak of the corona … Read more

Jalalabad has been receiving bad rations for a month – Bad rations have been distributed in the ration shops of Jalalabad for the past month.

Jalalabad gets a bad ration for a monthJalalabad. Consumers have been receiving poor rations in grocery stores in the Jalalabad area for a month. Consumers have expressed their displeasure and asked the District Supply Officer to conduct the ration check. The ration consumers Yasmin, Sharif, Nasir, Jamila von Mohalla Kachhari Sarai, Mahalsarai, Raiyan, Qureshiyan and … Read more

Mlc inspects district hospital and vaccine cold store – MLC inspects district hospital and vaccine cold store

Mowing. MLC Arvind Kumar Sharma inspected the county hospital and the vaccine cold store on Friday. Thereafter, the chief medical officer held a meeting with the district judge, the superintendent of police and the chief medical officer regarding corona in the room. During this time, the MLC inquired about the availability of oxygen and remadecivir … Read more

Two Bjp Mlas, one minister, got only two seats – two BJP MLAs, one minister, got only two seats

Mowing. In the three-stage Panchayat elections, only two of the 34 seats of the Zila Panchayat member went to the account of the BJP. While the legislature is impressive, Mau has three BJP MLAs, one of whom is cabinet minister. Even so, there are various types of discussions about the BJP’s poor performance in the … Read more

Ex-mp Threat expressed, security sought – Former MP poses a threat, seeks security

Ambedkar Nagar Former Rajya Sabha MP and BSP leader Ghanshyam Chandra Kharwar has sent a letter to the chief secretary at home explaining his security threat. Regarding the fatal attack in the Mau district in the past, he said the wires from the incident were also connected to Ambedkar Nagar. Immediate security should be provided … Read more

Namziyo Ne Mangi Dua – Namazis asked the world to get rid of the corona

Chitrakoot In the last Zuma, d. H. Goodbye of the month of Ramadan, the Namazis mosques seemed to be hearing, but akidtmand offered prayers in good faith and said goodbye to homes the Ramadan way. Namazio prayed peacefully from Corona to the land and to get rid of the whole world. According to the guidelines … Read more

Other – Relieved from Corona by offering Namaz

Unnao. On the last Zuma of Pak Ramadan, Rosedar offered farewell prayers according to the covid protocol. Five people were prayed in mosques. So most of the people at home prayed goodbye with family members and prayed to get rid of Corona.In all mosques, large and small, in the city, including Chaudharana and Jama Masjid, … Read more

Two Bjp-MLAs, one minister, got only two seats in Mau – Mau: Two BJP-MLAs, one minister, got only two seats

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